just saying hi... I'm new!

Hi girls!
Well me and DH got married in December and we are on our 1st month of TTC. It's very exciting but I am so worried now about AF coming! Is it really disappointing the first time you realise you didn't get pregnant?

I have been using OPK sticks and had 2 stick that (I think) were positive. They weren't as dark as i though they should be so II'm not 100% sure!

I'm only on my 2nd cycle since coming off the pill. I was on cerazette for 3 years so had no AF all that time but it seems to have gone straight back to normal after my withdrawal bleed I had a 25 day cycle and then this last one was 25 days too!

Anyway just wanted to say hi really, hopefully I can post in one of the other forums soon!

Love and sticky baby dust xxx


  • Hi and welcome to BE. It is always dissapointing when af shows up. Even when you tell yourself your going to be casual about it all :roll:

    This is a great site and I have been through a pregnancy, first year of my daughters life, MMC and now ttc again with all these lovely ladies. Its good to have so many others going through the same as you are.

    Lots of luck and hope to see you in a Due in forum soon xxx
  • Welcome and good luck! Like Babylove said, it is disappointing but I think that you just have to keep your PMA up as much as is possible and crack on with the next month. We are finding trying something different helps, because you feel like you're making a concerted effort. The awful bit is waiting for your period and then waiting those last few days for it to be over so that you can start trying again. x
  • Good luck!! we're on month 3 of ttc at the moment and still no bfp but hopefully soon! OV on the 30th here
  • hiya and welcome image xxxxxxxx
  • Hello!
    Im quite new here too and the ladies have been so lovely image hope you get your BFP soon x x x
  • Thanks ladies! It's lovely to have some girls who get it to talk to! dont want to tell my friends we are trying and as much as my husband wants a baby, he can't give me advice like I can get here! xx
  • Hello - This site proved invaluable when pregnant with our dd and even more so when she was born, I have met some lovely people! look forward to chatting. I'm on first month of ttc no2, eek its all so exciting!
  • Hiya and welcome! I'm on cycle 2 of ttc no 2, Have been on this site since ttc no 1 (now 17 months!) and have had some fab advice from all of the different forums. good luck, hope you get your BFP soon! x
  • Hi and welcome!
    I thought i would be upset when af arrived the first time, but by then time she arrived (17 days late!!!) i was just relieved. I think it would have been a lot more disappointing if she'd arrived on time though, even when you'resaying you're not expecting it to happen that first month, you wouldn't be trying if you didn't want it to.
    We only started ttc our first in may, and will be starting our 2nd month as soon as af finishes.
    Good Luck with ttc, and i hope you're stay on this board is a short one.
  • Hiya, welcome to TFAB! I'm on cycle 6 TTC number 2, hopefully neither of us will be in here much longer!

    Hannah xx
  • Ahh thanks so much ladies! you are all very welcoming here, its so nice! I was on YAYW when we got engaged up to when we got married but there was so terrible bitching and nastiness so I stopped posting, glad this forum isn't like that!

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