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Not looking forward to July!!

Well AF turned up yesterday so I will not be preg by my EDD which I soooo hoped I would! I was so hopeful this month as my CBFM actually peaked which it has not done since my mmc in Jan. I even thought when it went peak not to get too excited as i was setting myself up for disappointment but couldn't help myself. I should be 27 days away from becoming a mummy and instead I am having horrendous AF pains and feel really low! It took me 13 months to get a BFP last time and now I am starting month 7 since D&C! I can't believe its nearly two years since we started ttc! I thought I would have two children by 30 I will be lucky to have 1 now! The whole world is preg and I am fed up of seeing people annoucing their 12 week stage on facebook! I work with two preg ladies at the mo; one is 32 weeks and the other 28 weeks its just soul destroying but as there boss and friend I just keep a smile on my face!!! Just been referred back for fertility treatment - which I was last Oct and then fell pg before the first appointment. I rarely ovulate and hubbys sperm count and motility are both low! Feel like its never going to happen! Constantly get asked if I am preg or trying for children - I swear I am never going to ask that question to anyone ever! Plus I am going to stop given people advice as the last three people I have given advice to about getting pregnancy have all fallen preg in their first month of trying!!!!!!!! AAARRRGGGHHH


  • hey hun, sorry you are feeling so low, i totally understand where you're coming from! i too have been ttc for just over 2 years and almost a year since my mmc twhich took me a year to get in the first place and i too only peaked this month after nothing since feb! it also does feel like the whole world is pg which makes things so so much harder but pls try and keep your chin up hun, it's good that u've been refferred a step in the right direction! xx
  • Hi Rocky! I do keep my chin up most of the time! No one but you guys ever see the upset side. Some days usually cd1-5 things just get too much. Hows you?? Good luck with your peak sweetie!
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