Pre seed or zestica?

Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for these? Is one better than the other?

Are they worth trying? I'm not sure how ready OH is for sperm friendly lube (lol) but if its going to help then I think I'd give it a go.

What do you ladies think??


  • Preseed - can't argue with 2 bfp's in a row - my dh loves it, it makes it feel good! (tmi :lolimage
  • I've started using zestica this month and it's been great if i'm a bit dry. Not sure about results yet tho. I asked this question myslef a while ago and think general concensus is they are pretty much the same. Good luck
  • I'm using pre-seed...this is my 1st month, but i've heard lots of excellent reviews on it!! lets hope its worked this month lol

  • I preferred the consistency and feeling of pre-seed but I got my BFP the first month I used zestica so I'd say zestica for me! Really though I think they both do pretty much the same thing. xx
  • i prefer zestica and the spray it came in,there was too much preseed in the applicators and it can drown sperm,plus you have to add it 15 mins before sex which i find a bit military...not that hubby would mind being ex army lol :lol:

    only thing with the spray zestica is finding the right place and where the nosel bit is in the dark x
  • Oooh dillemas dillemas!! Thanks for the replies image xx
  • haha KMRose i feel your pain,he wont hang up clothes unless all the hangers are the same and he also does all the ironing snce hes so good at it lol
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