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Ssshhhh..... Ive got a shy BFP!

Yes it's true!

Really nervous as it is only 1st month since mc and we had been trying for so long before but 5 weeks and 4 days later I have a feint line on my pg test!

I had done the neg tests after mc and only last week tried again and got BFN but today there is a line!
Im soooo shocked and nervous and excited incase my body isn't ready etc but i can deal with whatever as i have done before!

No idea which DI ill belong to! Would you take im 5and4 or could be less??? Who knows! But a line is a line so I'm super chuffed!

All you ladies are awesome and Im not going to go into a soppy speech like Lady! lol But without chatting through all my thought and asking you all my questions the last couple of months would have been very different.

Im not going anywhere yet till ive dragged the sonographer to give me an early scan and everything is okay!

Im sooooo bloody excited!!!!


  • Wohoooo!!! That's fantastic!!! I really hope your DIM with me!

    Did you track ov? If you did i'd just take 2 weeks back from OV and then calculate your edd. That's what i've done because i have really long cycles!

    I'm so pleased for you!! imageimage

  • Ahhhh fab news!! Congratulations. Zxx
  • Thanks Guys!
    Hey lady, no i didnt track ov cos it was first month and i was just getting my head around everything tbh. I did have loads of ewcm but i cant remember when it was now, think it was CD 18ish which was would be my normal ov if same as cycles before!

    Argh! Going to ring drs for appt on monday morning then demand early scan to see whats going on! How far are you do you reckon? Do you know if you will get an early scan? I think if you dont know dates etc they usually scan to check, whereas they dont always early scan if previous mc or ectopic.
  • will whisper congratulations.. im sure it will be fine.
    did you have an AF after miscarriage or are you same as me where you have gotten pregnant straight away?
    im really pleased for you hun,

    have some sticky dust, H+H 9 months to you.

    sarah and her bean 6+0 today image
  • Congratulations huni lovely news x. What cd were you on when you got your bfn and what cycle day are you now to get your bfp? I am cd46 today and still nothing..... 11 days past when af was due my last test was five days after af was due! Have not tested again as it is heartbreaking to see the bfn, going to try to see the doc tomorrow x

  • No i havent had af at all, ive been waiting for her!
    Feel a bit naughty for not waiting but as we were talking about before you just wana try again!

    Is there 3 of us graduating to DIM at the same time! Wow lucky month!
  • I think most people don't wait!!!!!!! How far apart was your bfn till your bfp?
  • I had my BFN on the first time i tested after mc which was 10days. I tested last monday/tues and had BFN but today its a faint BFP!
    Have you tested yet 3054???
  • No not yet, no tests in the house. Will book to see doc tomorrow and try for a blood test.... I may buy a test tomorrow also, how late do you think you are for af today with your bfp...... You have really given me hope that I have a very shy bean!!!!!
  • Thanks littlewolf! Only scan will tell i reckon. Will ring drs tomorrow.

    3054 test with FMU tomorrow - go get a sensitive test today and see! I am CD38 today i think but thats since mc so not sure what i am on a normal cycle!
  • Im 4 weeks today hun, AF is due today but my test is quite strong now, even coming before the control line which is a big fat relief!!

    I'm not sure i want an early scan tbh! They caused me lots of worry last time with having to keep going back trying to find a hb. I'm hoping to go straight to 12 weeks this time if i don't get any bleeding etc!

    I would say your probably coming upto 4 weeks but your doc will date you 5+4 based on your mc and so you'll probably get an early scan!


  • Im so excited for us all. There is a good few of us with our BFP recently and I have a strong feeling there will be more soon ;\)
  • Thats great news mrsallen....
    Hopefully will be a good month for me soon image
  • WOW...Im so pleased for you. There seems to be a few of us who have had such a hard time recently and its lovely to see BFPs coming so soon. Fingers crossed there is more good news to come. Soooo pleased for you XXXX
  • Wow another BFP me lots of hope image Hope you have a happy and healthy 9mths Mrs Axx
    Take care
    Sue x
  • Congratualtions!! Such wonderful news!!

    Good luck at the docs - have a fabulously H&H 8 months!! xxx
  • Congrats sweets xx
  • Congratulations Mrs Allen - I'm chuffed to bits for you

  • Thank you all!
    Im still half hanging around!
    Brilliant month for BFPs! 4 graduates in DIM! Come on who else is joining us!?
  • Wooo! That is great news!! CONGRATS!!! image

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