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Room for a little one??

Hi Ladies,

I would love to join you all. My name is Leeann and I'm 29. I live in East Sussex with my Husband Chris and our beautiful 3 month old baby boy, Who's name is Blake. We're planning to start trying again in October when Blake will be 6 months old. I'm a little nervous as I had to have an EMSC with Blake after being in labour for 5 days (he'd gone back to back, which nobody vothered checking for, and he got stuck) I want to try a VBAC but am scared baby will go back to back again, but will cross that bridge when it comes to it.

Anyone else thinking of trying from October??

Leeann x


  • We are thinking of trying around then... trying to get my weight and debts down!

    Congratualtions on your little one... and if you are planning to do it again so soon it cant have been too bad!

    I thought you had to wait a year after a CS? I'm just curious as a friend had a CS and wants another but has been told to wait.

  • Hiya, me & dh will b trying sep time so not far off both of u. We already have a gorgeous 20month old little boy & can't wait to give him a little brother or sister.
    U r brave having them so close together leeann!! i only just feel ready to try for another!..i had a 36hr labour so bad but not as long as u!
    L xx
  • Hey leeann! Fancy seeing you here ;\)
  • hello

    we had a EMCS with our son and now hes 6 months we are trying again, hoping for a VBAC too!
  • hiya!!

    we have a dd and she will be 3 in october we have said we will start trying from sept/oct im soo nervous..like you i had a 3day labour which was constant from the word go! i also ended up having a emsc and wish for a vbac mostly so i can get home to lo (planning getting waaaaay ahead of myself! - sorry! lol) and of course to have the experience, but i understand your fears hun, i think i share them... all worth it in the end though! good luck and maybe we will get to know each other more x
  • thank you all for your lovely welcome messages. And Hi Kayecef. It's lovely to see a familiar face, so to speak. Would be great if we could be bump buddies again. Lol. And moonmin, I asked my doc about the c sections and she said as long as you've healed ok then you can try after 3-6 months.
  • Hi and welcome leeann,
    I'm glad to hear your labout hasn't put you off completely! One of my friends recently had a baby and swears blind she's never going through that again.... it does make me a little nervous!
    We're not trying til December/January so you will be here and gone before me, but good luck with everything! xx
  • Thanks Rachey. Good luck for Dec/Jan. And dont be nervous. Even with the not to plesant birth of my Son, wrhen they put that baby into your arms, all the pain and memories of it dissapear and you are just left with this overwhelming love for this tiny little person, and nothing else in the whole world matters than their happiness and keeping them safe!!. My only worry is that I'm never going to want to STOP having babies, lol.
  • Lol! Thanks Leann. It won't stop me, just makes me a little apprehensive about what's to come!
  • Thanks Leanne,

    My friend had problems with her scar so that explains it.

    Good Luck
    Moom x
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