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Aunt Flo reared her head then left? CD 32

Hi guys

Has anyone ever had this? CD31 (ovd on day 18) I swear yesterday that aunt flo was well on her way, I had cramps sore boobs sore back? So I had a little root about sorry tmi and a tiny little spot of blood and some very light brown cm ... That was last night before bed and all day today nothing? Help?


  • Hi there. It could be late implantation. Test in a couple of days. X
  • Sounds very promising. Is AF very regular?

    In my last pg, I had a few days of brown blood spotting when I was due, but it didn't turn into af, it just got lighter and stopped, then I got my bfp.
  • hi hun. I had this on my current period. Im normally 28 days bang on but i had nothin til day 30 but thats only cuz i rooted around lol. I had nothin then til day 32 then she started a proper flo on day 33. Hope this isn't what happens 2 u but just wanted 2 tell u what happened 2 me. GL hun x
  • Its hard this waiting game isn't it ... Thanks for the replies god I so hope she stays away this is our 9th month and I'm royally p'd off. Feel like suing my sex ed teacher as she honestly told me I would do it once and that was that! if only that were true. I had 35 day cycle last month so she's not exactly late going by last month but all the signs have been there for a bfp but it aint happening! Gonna wait til fri and if she hasn't got me I will test again. Thanks ladies and baby dust and h and h 9 months to the lucky ones x
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