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ive posted previously in toddler, but not had a response yet, so i thought id try you guys.....

do any of you have epilepsy or live with someone who does??
my OH is having seizures every day (on average) and has done for the last 4 years. now LO is older and we're ttc again, its more of a challenge to deal with it, but we dont want to put out lives on hold forever.
do any of you deal with this in your house???


  • My sister has epilepsy hon - its a hard thing to have to deal with. Is he on medication for it? Just thinking he could perhaps talk to his doc about changing it to see if there is anything new on the market which would help him more.

    My sis tried several different types until she found one that kept hers down. I know some people have it much worse than others. Unfortunately sometimes drugs cant help at all, but hope it isnt the case for you. I've heard that meditation can help as well but dont know of anyone who has tried it... sorry, not much help!
  • Hi hun, I dont have close family but do work with a gentleman with epilepsy (i'm one of his support staff) as Garfield says I would check medication to see if there is anything he could try or maybe increase his current dose? Does your OH know before he's about to have a seizure? as I know some people can tell before one comes on? Sorry not much help but hope you find some solutions! xxx
  • thanks for your quick replies image unfortunately, he doesnt get a warning and there doesnt seem to be any pattern or triggers, which is what makes things difficult sometimes. he was first diagnosed when he was 19, but it seemed under control. then 4 years ago, it kicked off and we dont know why. hes under a neurologist whos been trying various medication combos since, but not having any luck so far
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