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thought i would pop back.. & need help!!

Hi ladies.

I hope everyone is well and looking forward to christmas!

I thought I would pop back and see what the changes were all about.And also need some help if anyone can.

I need supernanny in my house!! M is being so so naughty. She is cheeky and will not listen when you tell her anything. We have tried the naughty step but for the whole 2 mins she will scream and yell and tell us how naughty we are. She is bossy and wonders around the house shouting at her dollies and putting them on the naughty im wondering if this is a good thing to be using.

I just dont know what to do with her.



  • hi is this DEl?

    she sounds like she is full of spirit and way!!! They like to see how far they can push you dont they. freya is also a cheeky madam and will argue over any thing and just loves and opotunity to wind her sister up!

    This time of year i find that threats of no father christmas work well as an insentive for good behavior or not letting her open her advent clandener if she has been naughty.

    also with this cold weather you may be at home more than usual and she may just be bored. Try to get get her to help with whatever you are doing (not always possible i know) and also really praise her when ever she is good or polite and let her know that that isthe behavior you want to see.

    not much good advice but hope she calms down soon. have a fab christmas!! xxxxx
  • hey yes its me!!

    i am going to try and keep the her occupied more over xmas and see if this improves her behaviour. She is as good as gold everywhere else and for everyone else...but in the house she pushes buttons.

    Maybe a few new interesting toys from santa will do the trick.

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