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Im a mummy again :)


Just a quick one to let u all know i had a beautiful baby boy at 8am this morning. 35mins from my waters being broke the midwife couldnt believe how quick Neither could i was perfect will do BS later.

He is 6lb110z and 20inches long brill for 38weeks We have no name for him as of yet as i was convinced it was a girl dont think he will suit lily lol :P

Hoping that later we can go home but they want us to stay in really didnt want him to have his bday on new years eve but hes the best start to 2011

Sam is over the moon and so am i now i have all kinds girls and boys im done haha



  • Fantastic news!! I posted in the DID forum when I saw you thought you were in labour too!

    A lovely little boy to complete your family, love to you all and hope you can be home soon xxx
  • Congrats to your exciting! Perfect way to end the year!

    Can't wait to see some pics!
  • many congratulations! looking forward to reading your BS and seeing some piccies xx
  • Congrats a New Year's Eve baby! Lovely to have a little boy join your family. Hope he settles in well x
  • Fantastic news! Hope you are all settling down well and looking forward to reading your birth story! xx
  • aw well done. look forward to ssome pics soon and bs
  • BIg congrats, sounds like it was quick and looking forward to reading your bs and seeing lots of pics of the little fella.

    Hope you think of a name soon!!

  • Ah congratulations, thats great news. Can wait to see pics. what a way to start the new year.
  • Congratulations.

    That's fantastic news. What a great way to end 2010.
  • congrats!

    What a perfect way to start the new year, cant wait to hear how it went and see pics and hear the name of the lil fella!

  • Just to let you know AK's BS and a pic of baby Dylan are on the Jan 2011 forum image

    Hoping I'm not too far behind... lol

  • Hoping little Dylan's surgery goes smoothly and you can all be home together soon xxx
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