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Car Seats

Hi ladies

When are you putting your car seats forward facing? Leah is 19lb 10 now and my mum is desperate to change her car seat (and I must admit it is a pain in the bum with it rear facing!)

I am however worried as the dangers are obviously increased when the car seat faces forward due to the force on the body if in an accident.

the guidline is 20lb or 9 months x


  • Hi there,

    I'll put Benjamin face-fwd when I have to - he'll be rear facing until his head is over his car seat.

  • Same as Ruth - I'm keeping DD rear facing for as long as possible. DH has finally traded in his sports car for a family wagon image so it's actually easier to have rear facing now to move between cars
  • Kayleigh-Mae has been forward facing for nearly 3 months. She wasn't 20lbs when I changed her seats over, but her legs were constantly scrunched up when she was rear facing and she was not far off being the correct weight.
  • Rhea was in her's at about 8 months & 17lb (ish) Reason being that she just wanted to sit upright & look out the window & I couldn't get her far enough back & the straps ended up being loose. So from making sure she was strapped in properly we decided to put her in forward facing & she loves it!!
  • I put Amelia in at 9 months and a few days although she is still a 1lb less than the recommended weight. I think it's weight and age i.e. min 9 months and min 9kg but Amelia is just so long she cried everytime we squished her in the car seat and her legs were up the main seat. She loves looking out the window although there aren't as many toys that are compatible with a front facing car seat.
  • Hey ladies, i would recommend leaving your precious l/o rear facing for as long as possible. My lo is 22lb at just turned 7 months, but after doing some research there is no way he is going forward facing until he has too. I am looking at a maxi cosi for the next car seat and that can go rear facing until 18 months and then turn forward facing. I feel that as parents we are sometimes not advised correctly or given the correct info, but i once saw a video about the impact of a crash on a small child who was forward facing, as opposed to rear facing and he was the correct weight/age. The impact made the gap between his spine and skull pull apart too much beacuse of the impact. It wad awful and will always stay with me. I'm not trying to be critical, just sharing some advice, as like me, until you are awre of the info you just don'r realise.

    Hope that helps some one image
  • Hello girls. We have a 0-4 yrs car seat fixed in the family car britax I think. When rear facing you can have it up right or laid back, which is good. You can change it to forward facing to. Grace is still rear facing as she is only 16lb - we have a mirror which is good to see what she is up to. But I know what you mean about forward facing is easier. I'm going to wait til grace piles on the weight then changer her x
  • Blake has been forward facing for about 2 and half months. I didn't really want him to but it was a case of he was to tall for his Group 0 (head was over the top) and to heavy to be rear facing in the new group 0-1 that we bought him.
  • Leah is in the group 0 now but we do have a Britax first class 0-4 years seat and my mum has that one fitted in her car rear facing at the moment. Its just such a pain to get her in and out of it as rear facing and evenHalfords said they dont recommend it to be rear facing as it isnt very sturdy! We have the front seat pushed up against it to stop it moving!!!!! x
  • Hey cozza the car shouldn't be moving ! Did you

    Pull the leaver down ? But I do know about the car seat being a pain - as it has lots of padding!
  • i had it fitted at Halfords. Took it back as it was moving and they re-fitted it. still not good! They advised that although a 0-4 years car seat, it isnt really good as a rear facing seat.; x
  • I must admit I changed grace into the forward facing seat at about 6.5 months as she's so tall she was getting really squished up in the rear facing seat and I was struggling to lift it in and out of the car (she's heavy!) which was the only way to get her in a nd out of it in my mini. I know the forward facing seat isn't as good at this age (although she's e correct weight) and I kept DD1 who was a much smaller baby in her rear facing seat until she was about 16 months! But G is much happier now that she can look around and see me while I'm driving. We have the m&p isofix group 1-2 seat which is much more padded and supportive than some of the others.
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