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Can I join you?

Hi All,

I was a due in december mum (although rarely posted on there), but baby Oscar decided to make his appearance on 1/1/11, so wondered if I could join you as there will be more baby's around the same age so easier to share experiences?

I didnt have a very pleasant labour, but we are getting on ok at the moment. Just started expressing, so breastfeeding in the day and using bottled expressed milk at night and this seems to be working quite well for us at the moment.

Anyway, hope you will have me and look forward to getting to know you all and your baby's when they arrive.



  • Hi, I was a due in december mummy too and Joshua decided to make his appearance on 5th Jan. I was hoping to hover between the two forums (this one and BID) Hope your doing well.

    Leanne & Joshua (11 days) x x x
  • Hi, welcome! My little girl was born on the 10th. I've had to resort to expressing milk today to give my nipples a rest as LO is feeding almost constantly and has been drawing blood they';re that raw!
  • Hi Pretty - good to have you here. Sorry you didn't have a great labour. How are you finding breastfeeding? Are you feeding the expressed milk by bottle or cup? I want to try expressing but i'm a bit worried that Charlie will take to the bottle teat too well and wont want to latch on properly....

    Sorry to hear your boobs are so sore Mrs C! The things we put ourselves through eh?

    Hope everyone is doing well

    Lisa & Charlie (17 days)

  • Hi all, nice to meet you image

    Breastfeeding isnt going too bad - im wondering if he is having a growth spurt at the moment and isnt getting enough milk from me (my boobs never feel engorged and hard, even just before he is due a feed), so am going to try topping him up with some expressed milk after his feed a bit later to see if that helps. I am giving the expressed milk in a bottle (tommee tippee closer to nature bottles) - I havent had any problems switching between the 2 - think our little monkey will eat anything from anywhere! he always seems hungry (he is quite small though - 6lb 9oz at birth - gone up to 6lb 12oz at 11 days though). I am also using a dummy to help settle him, and he is fine with that and then going back to the boob for feeds image

    I am finding my boobs hurt when he starts feeding, but its ok after that (it is most painful at night which is why i am using expressed milk at night). If your nipples are sore, i would recommend the lanisoh cream. it is a little bit pricey, but it is worth it. my nipples were cracked and bleeding on day 2 and i used it regularly, and they are fine now (not needing to use it at all).

    Jen and Oscar (16 days)
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