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First period afterMC!

Hi girls!

Just wondering if this was normal!

I had a MC late last month at 7 weeks, my periods are normally every 26 days, and so light, never painful and normally last 1-2 days!

However this is my first period after MC and I was expecting it to be heavy, which it is, but it's also making me really sick, I feel terrible, and have what feels like really bad trapped wind! I've been sick a few times during the night and feel like I constantly need the toilet but when I try to go a bit constipated!

Is this normal after a MC?




  • Hey Becky,

    Im sorry to hear about your MC Xx

    I dont know if it is common but i certainly experienced the same thing after my MC.

    I was sick a couple of times and i was getting the same type of pain and symptoms.

    I ended up spending an afternoon near the toilet after taking some laxatives... (sorry too much info!)

    But next period was fine.. i would just say if you get it with your next period go to your GP

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