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starting ICSI !!!

Hi ladies,

OH and i are due to start ICSI in feb/mar time.

we had our 1st appointment with the consultant on tuesday, that went well, but then they said they have to do more blood tests (thought i had these) and a hystia- something- agram. they said i needed it in 2 weeks, but i received the letter saying to call on the 1st day of my next period, this is more than 2 weeks away !!!!

i am really bothered by the bloods as im phobic of needles, the last ones i had done in october i had to have done alone as hubby couldnt get time off work. it was traumatic and painful. after this hubby SWORE ON IFE tha enever let that happen again.

but ive booked my next ones for thursday and hes just announced 'ive seen the rotas for next week and im starting early, theres no chance i can get time off' i replied to him 'well whats it going to be like when we actually start ICSI, cos some app are made for the following week and can often be made for 2 or 3 days ahead.' to which he replied 'well i dunno'

HE SWORE ON MY LIFE HED SUPPORT ME. he hasnt even asked his work if he can change his hours !!!!!!

the last bloodtest was traumatic and he left me to do it alone, and now hes about to do it again. to top the whole p***ing situation off, hes the one with the problem! my body fuctions properly. but its me who has to suffer !!! it wouldnt be so bad if i felt supported.

im not sure how much i can trust my husband - broken promises --- means nothing !!!!

sorry for the rant ladies

love stacey xx


  • Hi stacey, just came across your post and was wondering if you'd started your treatment yet?Have you had to wait long to get to this point? My DH is the cause of our problems too and like you we will probably need the icis treatment. My dh is very supportive but unlike you I am not afraid of needles and my pain threshold is pretty high, so if he can't be at whatever tests I need it wont cause us problems (well except the ones he has to be at)

  • Hi hubby appears to be the cause of our problems also...what is icis? is there an age limit?

    Mrs E...I hope you are feeling a bit better and hubby comes round and helps you out a bit. xx
  • Hi tashelby it's a form of ivf where they inject the sperm directly into the egg,it's a treatment they use for men with very low sperm counts or none present in ejaculate and they have to find other ways of retrieving it. As for the age limits I think that varies on where you are country my pct has an age limit of 40 and neither partner must have kids already
  • Thanks for the reply, sadly im 41 and we both have kids already. Oh well, I just have to hope for a
  • hey ladies

    thanks for your posts,

    isci is where they inject the sperm straight into the egg.

    we havent started treatment yet as i wasnt able to be refered to the bourne hall (ivf hospital) until i was 23 (that was 9th feb) so we are waiting for our app to come through for them, we have been told we should be starting end of june time. and hubby is being alot more supportive now !!! yyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaayyy !!! i think it has clicked that we will be doing it all this year, and now he is excited !!!
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