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what are my options if hubby is all fine??

hiya ladies just wanting some advice really!

we have our fertility appt next week (which im both excited for and dreading!!)

And ive been thinking, i know icsi/ivf are used for low sperm couples/difficulties ejaculating etc but we've had the all ok on hubbys side- in fact his sperm count was suprisingly good (approx 76 million! and good morphology etc).

What will our options be seeing as its obviously me whos the problem!

Im confused as to what they made do now? xxx

many thanks


  • they may harvest some of your eggs and still do ivf or bathe your eggs in his sperm to allow natural conception outside of the body then reimplant your embryos?
  • if your eggs are faulty they may suggest an egg donor with your husbands sperm ...
  • eeeek youve just scared the hell outta me hun! lol

    ive never had any investigations yet, no scans etc or no further intervention into my cycles.

    surely theyd do this first?

    wow ttc is scary business image
  • I had my first app at the fertility clinic a few weeks ago an I'm not going to lie I was dreading it aswell!! they will take details from u about ur cycles and things like that. They will need to rule things out like PCOS so they may do an internal scan. Have u ever had bloods taken go see if u ov? If u don't ov or ov regularly they may give u clomid (like me) to make u ov. But the biggest thing is don't worry I had may sleepless nights worrying and it went perfect the dr and nurse made me relax and the internal scan wasn't sore or anything. I wouldn't be thinkin about IVF jst yet they will more likely want to try other things first. If clomid doesn't work or me I will have IVF next year :S

    How long have u been TTC? xx
  • Hi,

    You won't know what your options are until you have had investigations hun don't worry.

    First you will have blood tests to check you are ovulating ok and producing right quantities of fsh. If you have problems oving then they may prescribe a course of clomid which you can read up on easily on this site.

    If bloods are ok then you will most likely have a pelvic ultrasound to check urine cavity and lining and ovaries for cysts etc. You may also need an hsg where fluid is passed through your tubes to check patency (some treatment like iui can only be done with clear tubes). If still nothing found then you may have an operation called a laparoscopy for a thorough check inside. They can also often fix things like endometriosis if they find it.

    Treatment options will depend on what they find but could be clomid, iui, ivf or icsi (using your own eggs as long as checks show they are healthy!). Try not to panic, you have a long way to go yet but try to gather as much info as you can before your appointment.

    Hope that helps.
  • Just to add it took me 18 months from 1st appt to actually receiving treatment so it is a long old road of many tests and investigations. Take things slowly, pace yourself and try not to worry.
  • thank you for your replies! wow 18 months is a long time!

    we have been TTC for 2 years 10 months already image
  • Angelfish is right you will need to pace yourself. All clinics are different. I was prescribed clomid on my first app. It really depends on what if anything is wrong. Let us know how u get on! xx
  • thats true!

    thanks ladies

    i think im getting ahead of myself- just worrying as its been so long since anyone has seriously listened to us regarding this whole TTC thing!

    we're used to GP's using the whole " relax it'll happen" line or the " your young dont worry!" lol drives me crazy!

    will keep you posted its next week xx
  • Good luck with your appointment dummy_mummy, things will be so much clearer afterwards.
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