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personal Q... warning TMI!

ok everytime i have breakfast, lunch or dinner im literally going to the toilet about half an hour after, i know i shouldnt complain because its really cleansing but its so bizzare and sometimes really hurts, do you think baby is pushing on my bowels or something, making me go so often!?


  • I have the opposite problem! I'm not going at all! It's a bloody nightmare. Speak to your midwife huh see what she advises! X
  • GC from Due in July but I get this too, I've taken it to mean that there just isn't room for baby + food + waste so something's gotta give haha, If I don't need to go the loo I'm generally sick I really think its a space issue. Check with your MW though for her reassurance
  • Im the same as you, I asked my midwife and she says it probably due to lack of space. She says that your intestines and bowels are being crushed.She just laughed and said its one of the cons of carrying big
  • oh lovely! Another perk hey! I've had nightmares with the runs a few times too- being caught when we're out or on a long car journey. This isn't supposed to be a pregnancy symptom but it seems to be for me!
  • Hi, sadly pregnancy can either make you very slow or highly fast depending on your diet and baby. Generally I've found if your going regularly, especially after eating it's a good sign your eating the right nutrients, if your not going as often or have slow painful movements you may need to adjust the diet to include more fruit.
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