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Had My Bump Shoot

Hi Ladies

Had my bump photo shoot yesterday, hubby came too. We really enjoyed it, was there nearly 2 hours! We both took a couple of changes of outfits. Hubby also took his guitar as we wanted a shot of him playing to my bump. Can't wait to see them now....he said they should be online to view next week - yay!!!

I would def recommend having a shoot done, its going to be some great memories for us, especially after last year and never having got this far before...

I was reading on another thread about a lady having one done too and some people commented well where would you put the pics - as you may not want them dotted around in the lounge for instance, for all to see. Well, we hope to have one or two in the bedroom. Plus, some of the shots were just top halves, so normal couply ones, so they will be good too.


PS Have a great Easter everyone.


  • Oh that sounds lovely. My sister in Law had this done with her 2nd pregnancy to help a friend build a portfolio as she was just starting out. The pictures are gorgeous and her daughter was in some and her partner. I'm not sure if they have any up but they do have a lovely album
  • How wonderful, I am starting to do bump shoots (I have started to do professional photography) and think they are a great idea for remembering how beautiful you were in pregnancy, it is such a magical time I really do think it should be captured even if the photo's are just displayed in an album for you to look back on or to show baby when it is older! x
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