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surrounded by pregant women today aaarrghhhhhh

had a day at my childrens school today in the run up of the royal wedding ....

omg every where i turned or near enough every other person i spoke to was pregant..

it was so difficult

that was me a month ago.. imageimage

why is it when ure trying to concieve everyone else is pregant and didnt struggle get caught... some even by accident..



  • I know how u feel my cousin n my partners cousin have just announced that they are pregnant. Neither of them were trying n just got 'caught' I am happy for them but at the same time its so unfair that something so easy for other people is so hard for others!

    Everytime I read the paper these days a celebrity seems to be pregnant as well. Not the thing that u want to read when u r ttc!

    Fc we get sum of their luck soon! x x
  • it mad aint it but i suppose no matter what i was trying do etc diet there wud be super slim peeps round me lol x x
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