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has anyone tried...

false unicorn..a friend recommended it,shes into the herbal stuff and she was recommended it by a herbalst,ive bought some to give it a bash..fingers crossed xx


  • not heard of it.What is suppose to do?
  • I haven't heard of it either hun. Whats it for? xx
  • False unicorn is an herb. The underground stem (rhizome) and root are used to make medicine.

    Women use false unicorn for treating ovarian cysts, menstrual problems, menopausal symptoms, vomiting from pregnancy, and infertility. Some women take it to normalize hormones after discontinuing birth control pills.

    False unicorn is also used to treat digestive problems and to relieve water retention by increasing urine flow. Some people also use it to rid the intestines of worms.

    Heres a little onfo on it xx
  • Have u felt any benefits from it Grudie... Ive certainly heard of it, but not YET given it a bash... Where did u get it from??... I was considering going to a herbalist at that Health Food and More shop... x
  • its been hard to find but i actually got it on ebay,there were only 2 sellers of it,ive not got it yet hun only just bought it,once ive tried it a few weeks il let you know how i feel xx
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