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dreamt a got a bfp

hey ladies,

my dream last night was sooooo real!

dreamt i got a bfp and sat my husband down to tell him, i was even crying as i was telling him.

i'd used a clear blue digi one and it said PREGNANT

i told my parents too and went to work and was sooo happy with my secret!.....

..... and then i woke up n realised it was just a dream!

soo gutted its just not happening for me!

got my 10 day clomid scan 2mw. maybe this month i've got lots of follicles and my dream was a premonition. hahah yeah right !!!!!!

hope your all well xxxxxx


  • I had one of those that was so real, I thought I was pregnant momentarily when I woke up. Until I realised that it would be far too early in my cycle to test, so it must have been a dream. Why can't I just have BFN dreams???!!!
  • I too had this the other day!! Never had. Dream like that before, let's hope it's a good sign for us all

    X x x
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