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Period like pains

Hey lovely ladies...

For the past couple of days i keep getting pains like period pains... i am nearly 34 weeks pregnant... is it braxton hicks? They are not painfull, just like a dull ache... :?

Hope someone can help me.

Thanks x


  • Hiya, I've been getting these too, usually when I've been overdoing it a bit! Hvae you been v busy?
  • No not really... just been sat at my desk pretty much all day then all i do when i get home is cook tea so havent really been overdoing it... x
  • It is possible for BH to take this form. They can feel like mild period pain or constipation, your bump should feel rigid/hard to touch and should then return to normal after a short time. They will grow in strength and duration the closer you get to labour and birth and often can be mistaken for the start of labour (so don't panic if you feel the urge to call your MW, many women do)
  • I have been having these too x
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