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Mothercare my3

Hello ladies,

Not been on for a while as been on holiday but bagged myself a bargin today...went on the hunt for maternity trousers n came home with a mothercarw my3!

Hubby spotted it, was an ex display model n the colour has been discontinued so got it for ??250 instead of ??395! Woohoo! Wasnt gunna buy a pram until after my scan but couldnt walk away from it!

Needless to say i didnt get any trousers as none of the local retailers stock maternity clothes! Argh! I had a rant in mothercare about it and have emailed dorothy perkins too, been

In 4 stores today and none! Do maternity!


  • Ohh can you post a pic. We were the same, didnt want to buy anything until gone 20 weeks but saw the nursery furniture and could resist as was to much of a bargain xx
  • i have this problem with maternity wear only place to get clothes from is an hours drive away....good bargain with the pram ive got mine too as it was reduced image
  • Next time i'm on the laptop, will upload a pic! We were looking at the quinny buzz but im chuffed to bits with the my3, its alot easier to use.

    The maternity clothes thing is a pain, i've emailed dorothy perkins on a mega rant about it! Even asda didnt stock it, as its not a superstore! All i wanted was sum trousers for work! image
  • It's difficult. We have a tiny selection in one next store (assuming they still have it) within a 12 mile radius (and I'm in a city). New Look seems to be the best, Mothercare isn't bad, DP is patchy, we have an outfit with a DP which has a small range.

    Easiest thing seems to be to order online and then return to store.
  • After raising it with DP they said order online...i really dont feel comfortable ordering maternity clothes online as my bodies changed so much i want to try things without the hassel of taking it back!

    Just popped into another new look store (which is quite a big one) to be told they dont stock it either! Argh! My trousers today are held up with elastic bands as i'm so uncomfortable n can't bare them being buttoned up! Very professional eh? Lol.

    I'm daring to venture all they way to the metro centre at the weekend! If i don't get any! Pyjama's it is!

    One sick pregnant lady!!!!
  • I feel your pain, or at least I did with my last pregnancy. I'm in Cardiff and was amazed to find no maternity department in M&S, New Look, DP - M&S said they had none in the whole of Wales, ridiculous! Do they not think people in Wales get pregnant? I could only find stuff in Next, Gap and Top Shop but found them all pretty expensive, although really good. That is until i found peacocks! As I was changing all the time i didn't want to spend a fortune on clothes I was only going to wear a couple of times and Peacocks was perfect. Ok the quality wasn't as good but I did wear some of my clothes to death! Is there a peacocks near you? I've also found soem good stuff in Matalan which is good value!

    I was also advised to buy online but had to keep sending stuff back, and ASOS then didn't pay your postage so was costing me to buy from them!

    This prengnacy I am finding it easier or maybe I'm just more prepared this time. Am off to Debenhams and Next this weekend with birthday vouchers to go spending!
  • Thank god for my nan! God luv her she went to newcastle yday n got me sum trousers and two bump bands! They wont last long but im gunna go to

    Metro centre and get sum tomorrow. I honestly cant believe how few shops stock maternity!

    A girl i work with has just given me a huge pile of mat jeans too image
  • i'll have even less chance finding maternity clothes on the high street then as i'm plus size 20/22. don't go shopping very regularly anyhow cos of such limited choice with "normal" clothes do most of my shopping online via catalogues!!
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