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Doom and Gloom

Anyone else having major hormones right now?

I'm 15+5 weeks and all weekend been feeling really gloomy. It started Saturday night, had had a nice day with a friend coming over with my belated birthday presents and spending lots of quality time with my two year old. But as the evening went on, I felt more and more gloomy, so assumed it was hormones and tiredness went to bed.

Woke up Sunday feeling just as bad which continued throughout the day, had a sleep when my son had his nap, and woke up feeling worse, aching all over and struggled to motivate myself!

Now this morning I'm in work, but really don't want to be here! I'm not teary just feel really down, struggling to motivate myself and just feel like everyone's lives are better than mine!



  • Hey Cas, sorry to hear you're feeling down hun, been a bit upey downey too lately, feeling very irrational in that if hubby says he's popping out to see a mate for an hour I get all teary and stroppy but if he says ok I'll stop in and keep you company he ends up getting on my nerves coz I want a bit of time to myself (poor bloke can't do right for doing wrong!)

    I ended up going for a walk round the local park, on my own, and found the fresh air and gentle exercise did make me feel a bit better - and i hate all forms of exercise so this was something of a miracle!

    Sorry i can't give you any major advice, other than I'm sure this will pass and you'll feel better soon - if it doesnt lift tho maybe have a chat with your midwife or GP - sometimes just off loading to someone who's not emotionally attached to you can do wonders.

    Take care

  • hi huni

    yes the hormones are like a rollercoaster aren't they? One minute i'm super happy and everything is wonderful and the next i'm cross's raining, the cat's made a mess, Addison has dropped her breakfast on the floor, it's the wrong day of the week, home and away isn't on as it's summer break...etc etc. I definitely blame this weather as well. it's so god damned depressing for august!!

    Do you get much exercise? i do quite a bit and it always makes me feel good.

    hope you feel better soon

    R xx
  • Hope ur feeling a bit better honey! I haven't been gloomy but do want to rip certain peoples heads off and feel like i have to bite my lip when said people are around!

    Sending u lots of love n positive thoughts!
  • Thanks ladies, was in a foul mood last night, my hubby stopped talking to me at one point because I was being so unreasonable! Am feeling better today though, have been having some family issues and made a decision about that last night so feel a bit like a weight has lifted. I also had a good cry last night, and my two year old said "what's matter mummy?" and gave me a kiss on my forehead so that made me feel better, and perked me up - I don't like getting upset in front of him normally as he picks up on it!

    Thanks for all the replies!
  • I've been a total b*tch the last fortnight. Can't help myself. Today I just wanna cry. I'm always in a foul mood!! lol. Don't know whether it's hormones or tiredness cos I feel tired ALL THE TIME!!!
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