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Confused by test (conception indicator)

Hello Ladies.

I really hope to be able to join you permanently soon, but it just feels a bit premature to be doing that yet! (Only about 5/6 weeks - I think - I and miscarried earlier this year so I won't believe it until I see that 12 week scan!)

But I did have a question which you might be able to help with: I did a Clearblue and it said 3+. But if that's right it would mean I'd have conceived on 24 July and would be 2months plus already! Which can't be right. I'm thinking it happened on 4 September or afterwards. (Can't have been between those dates). But that's less than 3 weeks ago. Could the test be wrong?

Also, I had what I think was a period between 11 and 15 Aug. Which would also point to me having conceived in September not July. Which would also therefore point to the test being wrong.

But they are meant to be 98% effective are they not?!

Very confused. I can't even go by symptoms because I had none really in my last (successful) pregnancy - no sickness. I did have breast tenderness but none of that yet. But then I breast fed last time and the tenderness can be hugely reduced second time round apparently if you breast fed.

See how crazy I am making myself?! Any words of wisdom very welcome.



  • Hi Reenyree, congratulations image

    When did you do your CBD test? The conception indicators are not supposed to be 100% acurate but I found it was for me! 3+ means 3 weeks from conception so if you did the test today then that would mean you conceived approximately 31st Aug, which would make you about five weeks pg which fits about right with your last AF image
  • Yep i agree with palepinkroses.

    If you did the test today and got 3+, it actually means you are 5+ which is exactly right.

    Your the same as me!! image
  • I did the test yesterday and it said 3+. But I can only have conceived on or after 4 September, definitely not before. (Unless this is the second coming!)

    That's the reason for my confusion.

    Believe it or not the last time before 4 Sept I can have conceived was 24 July. (Not very good at this TTC stuff - our toddler exhausts us so much we end up going to bed with a good book far too often for a couple of our age!)
  • Ah I see! Well then you must have conceived 4th Sept, that would make the test four days out so not really a huge amount, the doctor will date you from your last AF any way xx
  • Yeah you must have ovulated a little later this month. Very common i think and not a hundred miles away.

    Your HCG levels may be very high and may be why its dated you a little later.

    Either way i think your still around the 5-6 week mark. x
  • Thanks! So frustrating to have to wait until 12 week mark to find out for sure. I still don't believe it after 3 tests!
  • OMG bump buddy! how exciting!!! so sorry to hear about your loss hope this ones a sticky one! those indicater tests are naughty, they are based on a average so you may just have a slightly higher hormone than the average it looks for x
  • Congratulations Reeny!!! I'm here too but sticking to the safety of the jan facebook group for the moment!!!

    Know how you feel about m/c as I had one at the beginning of the year too and have already bled this time, I just keep telling myself I can't control what happens so stop stressing!!! (I'm failing on the stressing part at the moment!)

    Glad there is someone here I recognise now!!!

    Good luck!!

  • Oh my gosh I have been totally ambushed! Ha ha ha! Thanks everyone for your congratulations, I was going to wait a while before I announced it on BIJ2010, naively I thought I'd get away with a little post here. Wrong!!!

    Jojo congratulations! And also sorry to hear you miscarried too. I agree, it's really nice to see a familiar face here.

    I really am quite nervous about this one but I suppose that's natural after the worst has already happened once.

    Loads of love to you all


    ps pp that's really useful advice, thanks. Still waiting for your birth story though!
  • it s not a good one! i'll pop it over in DIJ x
  • Oh no! Poor you - I hadn't wanted to ask just in case. Suppose it seems a long time ago now though?!
  • congratulations to you!!! have my fingers crossed all goes well for you! x
  • Sorry to totally gatecrash but I think if it's 3+ that's the highest they go (they did when I was pregnant anyway), so it's a very good sign image
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