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Only 6 weeks until the first December babies arrive

6 weeks today until 1st Dec. I can't believe how quickly it's came. We're nearly there ladies x


  • G/C but wanted to say have your hospital bags packed as if your anything like us Sept ladies you'll have some November arrivals amongst you too.
  • I've had mine packed for weeks just in case!
  • Hey, I know how exciting is it, I started getting really excited when I got to single figures! Cant stop myself looking in my baby draws at all the tiny blue things. Strapped the car seat in the car the other day too before i cant lean over my husband is shockingly apauling at anything technical.

    My only fear now is the weather its an hours drive to my mat unit on mostly narrow windy hilly devon roads! If there is snow like that time last year could not get out the town by road cant wait to have the air ambulance land in the park next door.

    Good luck everyone. XXX
  • I have 6 weeks tomorrow until due date! Very exciting!!!

    Jo xx
  • I can't believe how fast it has gone. I'm due in 6 weeks and 3 days but by my dates I'm due in 5 weeks 4 days! We shall see. had bags packed from 30 weeks just to be organised. I'm really concerned about the snow that is due too, I do not want to be air lifted to hospital even if it would make an interesting birth story image
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