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first xmas as a mummy

hi ladies

hope you all had a lovely 1st xmas with your bubbas. henry was 18 weeks old on boxing day, xmas was magical, the best one since i was little and santa came delivering presents for me!! Our house looks like a toy shop and henry still too young to appreciate most of it, sophie the giraffe is a hit thoughimage

I hope he feels the love that is all around him. We all love him so deeply and kiss and cuddle him all the time. He's such a little smiley character - is giggleing, rolling on his side, holding both his feet (and thinks he's so clever doing it!) and has been given 5 stars for his interaction by the health visitor (very proud mummy). He looks older than his four and a half months due to being a big boy, he has lovely pudgey milk cheeks!

Just wondered how xmas was for you all xx


  • Aw thats great that you had a nice Xmas. We had a lovely Xmas as well with the two girls. Rebekah was 6 months on boxing day. She has her own wee personality now and is so much fun and really smiley. She is on 3 meals a days now and is enjoying her food. She got loads for Xmas but as you said they don't really appreciate it at that age. My other daughter is 4 past in September and I noticed this was the first year that she really understand properly what everything was about and had a ball with all her presents.

    My eldest had Sophie as well and I passed it onto the baby now. She loves it. Its brilliant and a great wee teething toy.

    Getting her weighed in January so not sure exactly what she is but I know she is very long. Tall like her daddy and sister.
  • ah lovely to hear from you louise, it must be so lovely having 2 at christmas and a LO that understands! Henry was quite happy to go with it all and was intrigued and well behaved despite all the attention, but of course didnt really know what it was all about. He liked banging the presents with his hands and i think by the end understood there was something inside for him.

    sounds like you have Rebekah well on the road with weaning, hoping to make 6 months but im not going to beat myself up if i dont. Got two weaning books for xmas and lots of plates/bowls/spoons/storage pots so i guess from february this will be my new henry-related pastime!! Feel nervous about it, a bit sad its the beginning of the end of breast feeds and of him relying solely on me...also feel anxious he likes food and we can move fairly quickly as at 8 months im going back to work. have you got to go back to work? I feel sick at the thought of it even though its some time away yet. its not helped im sure that due to breast feeding and him never taking a bottle ive never left now feels against mother nature to leave him!! :/

    do you think you had the right age gap between your girls? Im surprised how preoccupied i am with thinking about number 2 and when he/she should come along! I think like most women until i had a baby i never realised the strength of love you have for them, but its now so important to me henry isnt an only child. xx
  • The age gap between mine is 3 years 9 months and I find this a good age. My eldest is a great help as well and she is brilliant with Rebekah. I can't fault her. So kind to her and plays and talks away to her. I have to go back to work at the start of April. Not looking forward to it. I work 9am - 4.15pm Monday to Friday as I reduced my hours after I had my first. I am now permantely on those hours as I agreed them before I had Rebekah. My husband looks after the children though so I am fine. My eldest Kara has Type 1 Diabetes since she was 14 months old so we need someone who knows her well to be always around and especially now at nursery and when she starts Primary school in September. I think if I Kara didn't have Diabetes I would have had another baby sooner for company for Kara as I find they do need company. However we wanted to have Kara sorted and stable enough before we even thought of another.

    Rebekah is doing well with weaning. She is having 3 meals a day and this week has decided to cut down to 3 bottles a day so from yesterday I have had to try and work out a new routine so that her last bottle is around 7pm so that she can go straight to bed then. Started it yesterday and she was in bed for 8am last night and that was her until 8.30 this morning. She just stopped having a bottle around 9ish at night as she was so tired to drink it. She has increased her oz during the day though so it works out ok and I give her formula mixed with her cereal in the morning which gives her more. When Kara goes back to school on Thursday again everything will have to be brought forward again to be out the door in time lol.
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