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Hello and congratulations ladies!

We found out we were pregnant after ttc for 6 months with our first on Christmas day so will be due around 1st September although think it may be a bit later as I know I ov late. Seeing the doc on Thursday after having a urine test last week to confirm so hopefully will get a better idea then but the way they work it out on LMP I am 6 + 3 days.

Sorry if I sound paranoid but as this is my first I am not sure what to expect and am so worried about having a mc. I don't seem to really have any symptoms apart from boobs being really sore, a backache and feeling tired. Is this normal? It's sad but I almost want to get morning sickness as at least it would be a sign that the pregnancy was progressing. Any advice would be lovely and thank you in advance.

Look forward to making some friends and sharing the exciting journey with you all!


  • I think it's only natural to worry about everything, especially the 1st time. I worried constantly with my first. Sore boobs, backache and feeling tired are usually the very first symptoms you will get. Don't worry about anything will all come in time lol. Although some people never get morning sickness.

    I always find the first couple of months leading to the 1st scan go slow with not much happening except the morning sickness.

    Try to relax and enjoy this stage as the next 2 stages you really know you're pregnant and after that the baba arrives. Enjoy feeling normal! lol

    image xx
  • Thanks for replying, I knew I was probably just being silly! Like u say I should enjoy feeling 'normal' image
  • Lol yep after this it will all be about that little baby and your life will never be the same a good way.

  • hey

    as mummy2liam says enjoy being normal as life will never be the same again !! the symptoms will soon creep up on you , though apart from feeling sick in the early weeks i had a really easy preg the first time.

    i completely remember feeling like you did and worrying why i didnt feel more "preg" but please dont worry , all will be fine image xxx
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