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No energy

Oh dear. have hardly any energy today. My 2 los are driving me round the bend with their fighting and emptying their toys. 3 times I've had to put all the toys away, put dvds back on the shelf. My littlest has found the buttons on top of the sky box so her new game is to change the channel which sets the eldest off.

Hope this doesn't last too long image


  • Oh no what you mean but iv only got one old enough to make mess! Feel like I should be doing housework too.... Cannot be bothered! Might watch tangled with the kids instead lol

    Hope it doesn't, you have got your hands full! Do you also feel really bloated can't be showing yet but baggy clothes are my best friend right now lol

  • I do feel a bit bloated too. Have to laugh at myself, went to step over my sons potty and mis-judged the size of it (although I don't know how it's just a normal little one. Was on the kitchen lino so when I stepped on it it slid and almost had me doing the splits. I put it down to energy levels and not just stupidity. A bit sore now.
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