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Hello from TTC forum - HSG?

Hi ladies

Just popping my head in from the TTC forum as I'll be having a HSG done and just wondered if anyone who's had this could let me know of their experience? I've read it's painful! image

About me: I'm on CD13 of cycle 15 of TTC. day2/3 bloods and ultrasound 6 months ago were normal. day 21 bloods last month were normal. OH's sa was normal too. Been to hospital today and being sent for day 2/3 bloods again but just LH & FSH this time plus estradiol which wasnt checked last time. And got to ring up on day 1 of next cycle and try to get booked for HSG



  • Hi Sian

    I had mine just before Christmas. I, like you, was a bit anxious after reading all the scare stories but mine didn't hurt. The beginning feels just like a smear (its that speculum thing). I didn't feel the tube go in, nor the dye. The only bit that felt a bit odd was when he asked some bod in the corner to blow the balloon up, but that wasn't painful- just odd. It was over in about a minute. I took Ibuprofen beforehand but needed nothing after. I had odd twinges about 3-4 days after but nothing much. Personally I had to wait for the results in the post, but every hospital seems to be different.

    I was worried that the fact that mine was quick and painless might have indicated a problem, but it turned out clear both sides.

    Don't worry, you'll be fine. I was worried too- I expect thats quite normal. I just prepared myself by thinking "Oh well, its not going to hurt as much as childbirth will so here goes". Seems to have worked for me :lol:
  • Thank you for the replies, I'm glad you say it's not painful and that it's quick!! I will take some painkillers just in case. I keep thinking I am such a wimp how am I ever going to give birth if I ever manage to get pregnant!

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