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Fertility clinic first appt


I've got my first appointment at the fertility clinic in a few weeks. What happens at it?

I'm expecting just an inital chat. Does my husband have to go? I'm just asking as it's difficult for him to get time off work and I'm thinking when tests etc are happening he will need time off then.

Glitters x


  • Nah. Hubby not needed. I was irritated because mine couldn't come, and I felt he just didn't try very hard to get the time off, but totally not needed.

    Didnt get asked anything about him, but he's healthy, and with my permission they were able to look up his SA result.

    Only thing is having someone else to listen and ask any questions incase you forget. Mine came to later appointments, which was much more use, so he can take part in the important decisions like IVF.

    So... Nice, but not essential. Don't get you knickers in a twist about it like I did.
  • Thanks Pumpkin-81 it's nice to know what your going into with these things.

    I think husband will want to come but I'm not too bothered if he does or not. My worry is his work. He's been made redundant 3 times in the last 3 years and so don't want to rock the boat int he new place if it's not needed.

    Glitters x
  • Hi.

    At ours, we were told (in bold underlined print) that we both needed to attend. They asked us a pile of questions about TTC so far (how often etc), my cycles, both of our medical histories and the medical histories of our families. I was given the forms for my blood tests and OH was given the form for his SA. We were told I was on the waiting list for a HSG (6 moths) and would get a letter in the post nearer the time. We were given our a vague idea of what month the second appointment would be and that was it. I don't think everyone does it the same. But they were insistent we both had to be there

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