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anyone about?

does anyone frequent here anymore?



  • hiya were all on fb now. Did u not join? Congrats on ur pregnancy hun x
  • hey! what's your initials on FB as I know lots on there x
  • eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep ur pregnant!! MEGA exciting!

    im always here but in due in march as its silent in here nowadays.

    cant believe our 1st babies are 15 months old! how time flies!
  • Congratulations Issy! How's Oliver?

    Not long to go now Rosie! Have you got names?xx
  • alison im a bit freaked as imogen came at 38 weeks so i could only have 6 weeks left, PANIC, lol

    we have her name, its just a relatively closely guarded secret... aka, my mum knows but she keeps slipping to people, doh!
  • hey ladies!

    thanks for the congrats, but it wasn't meant to be image

    although we are trying!!! bloody hormones, I'm so broody!

    Hopefully have some good news soon, I feel such a fraud hovering on here thou xxxx
  • oh no issy image sorry to hear that babe.

    dont feel like a fraud, i wish more people were still here, i could never keep up with facebook group!
  • Oh no, sorry to hear that Issy. Fingers crossed you'll have good news again soon. How many weeks were you?

    & baby number 2 is often earlier than number 1 Rosie! Maybe only 2-3 weeks left then! Lots of time to eat chipsimage don't forget to text me with good news.

    Group slowed down a lot as lots of people are back in work. If I'm short of time I just read the main posts on fb group & don't worry about reading all replies. Its a shame they made all the changes to YAYB & BE!

    Anyone else got exciting news??x
  • hope everyone is good?

    im ok, 35+5 now, exhausted!! i am SO READY to have this baby!! will hold out till 37 weeks till i start evicting but i doubt she'll be hanging around, i feel ready to drop already, thats if shes head down, shes been transverse since 20 weeks, although i do feel different now.

    i shall text you the good news alison and u can pass it on to the facebook group if u like, i know im not there anymore, but friends with a few ladies still i think.

    shame YAYW and BE changed and then facebook did too and deleted half my friend list *humph*
  • Miss banks 2 was obviously more comfy than you thought!x
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