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How are we all getting on?

Hello fellow January mummies, how are we all getting on and how are all the little ones?

Amelia is doing really well and is 3 weeks & 4 days old. She's Breastfeeding really well & will take a bottle of expressed so that her daddy can feed her. She's just started smiling and is a very content little girl. She's also almost holding her head up by herself & will stand up on her legs when you hold her up.

Hope you're all doing fab. X


  • Hi there, we are doing ok, Lewis is 4 weeks old today and putting on good weight, but last two days seems a bit congested in his nose/chest and struggling to go to sleep on his back, only settles when lying on his front on my chest, which at 3am when I'm struggling to stay awake scares me... Not sure there is anything I can give him tho, but will ring the docs tomorrow I think if he is bad again tonight.

    Feeding is going well tho with breast feeding and expressing and or a top up bottle at late feed which hubby gives him...

    Also did our first trip to supermarket in the week so have now sussed out the baby seat trolleys!!

    Hope everyone else doing well and babies all thriving

  • We aren't bad. Not had the best time over the last 3 and a bit weeks.

    Ewan settled well initially, then I got mastitis day 5 so was quite unwell for a couple of days, then the bf got more difficult as he got more sleepy. Day 10 we were back in hospital for 2 days as his jaundice had got so bad - that was not a nice experience as the staff were not really interested in supporting bf.

    Came out and since then not too bad, just been slow weight gain and silly comments from the midwife about his slow weight gain. Then at 22 days he started throwing up a greater proportion of his feeds so reflux diagnosed. Nothing too severe but considering his poor weight gain so far it was wise to get advice. Thankfully our dr was great and is happy with his weight gain so far as in every other respect he's doing fine(already trying to roll over, just like his brother).

    He's still a little scrap as he hasn't yet got back to his birth weight which is why we are getting gyp from the midwife. She did have us worried though for a time (and ready to argue with her tomorrow) as she said she wanted him to gain80g per day which is 19ozin one week image - totally ridiculous, especially for a baby that is still so small, close to exclusively breasted, and only just coming to term.

    He looks just like his brother so heaven help us. Love what personality we have seen so far. Still rather taking it in that he's here as wasn't prepared for him being early.
  • Hey ladies nice to know your all doing well. Lucas is 6 weeks old on Thursday and is growing so fast. He was 6lb 8 born and now weighs 9lb however he is below the line on the chart but due to the fact he is very long. Feeding is going well we are breast and bottle feeding. He had really bad colic last week but fingers crossed it has settled down after starting colief. He is smiling and babbling now which is so cute and everyone comments on how alert he is but he has been since day 1.

    Nikniks you can massage snuffle babes into the soles of the feet and that will help and also nasal drops you buy from the chemist are from birth x x
  • Hi ladies,

    Lovely to hear you are all doing well inc the little ones.

    We are also doing well, maisie is 3wks 4days old.

    Breastfeeding is goin well, but so far have not expressed much. I only have 4oz in the freezer. U ladies who express for daddy to feed when do u do it? How much do u manage to express? I'm always worried she isn't getting enough but has gone from her birth weight of 8lb 13oz to 8lb 3oz by day 3 and is now 9lb 10oz! Do your little ones cluster feed in the evening?

    Maisie loves to lie with her nappy of and she likes her baby gym. She is very alert and has good head control.... Even the midwife was surprised.

    Life is great being back to normal, being able to eat and not have sickness. Also getting out and about with my toddler again as I'm not ununcomfy with a bump! Cailey just adores her sister, however has not been keen to settle at nursery since maisie was born.

    Sounds like uve had a rgt time of it basscl. Glad ur gp is supportive and ur little man is on the up!

  • Hi all!!

    My little boys 6 weeks old now, he's had semi blocked

    Nose/ snuffles since

    Birth and I've been using those saline drops too - they work temporarily but just goes

    Back to snuffles

    Especially during the night. Baby gets so

    Frustrated! Other than that he's fine, was born with a bit of a


    Has anyone started setting a routine yet? I read gina ford with interest but find it impossie to set routine with my almost three year old boy in tow . He has been playing up big time, I've been brought to tears at times and I don't cry easily!

    Moan over - u guys sound like your all settled now which is great -


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