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Constantly Thirsty - anyone else?

I drank 4 pints of water alone just during the night which also meant lots of loo trips. Anyone else this thirsty all the time or do you think I should speak to midwife?


  • It's normal for thirst to increase during pregnancy due to the extra blood volume etc but just to be on the safe side perhaps have a word with the midwife about getting checked for gestational diabetes.  It's probably not that but better to be safe xx

  • Im the same way. I wake up in the middle of the night very dehydrated and then i drink so much, Im either waking up to get something to drink or to go pee pee. I drink water and gatorade all day at work and still feel ;ike I just ran a marathon and havent drank anything at all.

  • G/c but like tweedledee says, it could be a sign of pregnancy diabeties. Probably not but you should mention it x
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