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Antenatal Classes/ Birth Plans

Hi ladies, hope you are all well.. i havent had chance to get on here much recently and i cant believe how quickly time is flying!!.. im on countdown now for the number of working days i have left!!

I was just wondering if anyone has been offered antenatal classes on the NHS or whether they are all private ones you have to pay for.. i would be interested in going to the NHS ones if they exist.. but my midwife is a bit dippy and i have to ask/remind her about everything and i keep forgetting to ask about this!! Now im worried if my hospital does do them ive left it too late to get booked on image

Has anyone started thinking about your birth plan aswell...???

I basically want it as natural as possible with a water birth but feel that on paper it just looks like im open to anything... dont know if it would even get looked at anyway!!

Really hope everyone is well and i will try and get on here more and join in some of the other convos image xxx


  • I did a birth plan both times. not sure if mw in delivery read it, but in both deliveries, mw did come and ask me my preferences for having the injection to deliver the placenta, and how i wanted to feed baby. It seems they were only really interested in that. i would make a note of things you definitely want or dont want if they are things you are adamant about i.e no pethidine or such like.

  • I've just been to the midwife and she said this will be discussed at my next appointment in 3 weeks time xx

  • Hi,

    I have booked NHS classes from week 35 onwards starting mid June, they are in the evening so hubby can attend too! I havent really thought about a birth plan as I dont think any of my friends did one or its never been mentioned anyway! My plan is to take it as it comes and if I need anything stronger than gas and air then I will be quite vocal about it at the time! I really have no idea what to expect but wont rule anything out to make the babys arrival as safe and stressfree as possible!


  • Midwife will go through your birthplan nearer the time, can't remember exactly when but thet do do it, as there's space in your green notes for it. I wrote one anyway, but don't think it was read in delivery, and it went out the window when i arrived at the hospital as there was already someone in the pool! image

    I'd recommend just being open to anything though as you don't really know what will happen or how you'll feel when it all kicks off!


  • Thanks ladies! Ive managed to sort the antenatal classes so looking forward to those now!

    Ah lets hope my midwife remembers to go through the birth plan with me then! Haha! I am quite laid back and know i cant really plan too much so wont get too bogged down in getting it all on paper!! image xx

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