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Have any ladies on her trying for number 2 had this befor

Hi I don't know if I'm the only one to have this befor but it feels like I have a baby inside me i can feel kicks know and again god I sound crazzy but I've even done tests even when I just finshed af and it was bfn is it just wind sorry tmi it just feels so real I noticed about a few months back you read so meany storys were women don't know there pregnat sorry if this sounds crazzy I promise I'm completely sane lol. X


  • i have this all the time hun! its very strange i havent gt a clue what it was either ur sane or were both nuts lol!

  • Hello. Iv had this after i had my kids. Still get it now. I think its our insides twitching. Xx

  • Thanks think I'm normal then. Don't you just love your bodys not only do we want to be pregnant our bodys get to remind us of what were missing of when we were pregnant lol
  • Ha ha, you are not crazy! I get this occasionally but few friends from my previous due in group get it too since we had first ones. Good luck trying.x
  • It's usually a muscle spasm, I get this all the time when I've been lifting or added strain to the lower abdominal muscles! xx

  • Phew Jay79 i'm not the only one then! I've been TTC for 5mths now and have had 2 what i can only call phantom pregnancy's! From ridiculously sore nipples,tender breasts, lower back ache fluttering like bubbles in stomach you name it i was ticking all the boxes and was over 10days late on both occasions but after BFN and AF arriving I'm still here trying just wish my body wouldn't play tricks on me LOL

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