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day 3 blood work results?

Hi all,

I hope you are all well. I do not know if you you have seen me around, I have been posting in trying for a baby but thought maybe it was time to move : ( no offence of course. After 10 months of ttc with regular cycles, no obvious problems, not contraception for years, I went to the gp. I had 3 day bloods last weds. Called the receptionist and she said she will get gp to call me back about one of the results?! So now I am waiting to know! I already know that my thyroid is ok and blood count is good es being a veggie : ) hope they do not keep me waiting by the phone to long!

All the best ladies

Jo x


  • ooo got results LH was 4.5 and FSH was 5.7 is that ok?

    Jo x

  • Hi joey,

    Hopefully this info will help - according to this your results are fine image
  • thank you dudders1 just have to wait to do my day 21 results and hubbys swimmers next. I was wondering if mine do show a problem, would that be the stage where they might say clomid? is there much you can do about your results? supplements etc? or diet changes? x

  • Hi joey,

    I don't know for sure, but I think the only results that might benefit from any supplements are your hubby's. All they're likely to measure at day 21 is your progesterone to see if you've ovd, and possibly prolactin (which you usually produce when breast feeding, which is why periods often stop then). What they'll do next will completely depend on your doctor - my results showed I wasn't ov'ing, but I wasn't having periods either. My gp gave me Clomid, but a lot of gps won't, and will refer you to a fertility clinic. Tbh I think you're better off in the hands of a specialist as you'll get more accurate answers. When hubby's results came back, he said he wanted to repeat it and if still the same, refer us for ivf. That was a bolt out of the blue!! As we wouldn't get nhs funding, and would have to wait another 3 months for another SA, I decided to go and see a specialist privately. For us, it's the best thing we could have done - hubby's results are no problem, and I also have polycistic ovaries. I'm having an hsg this afternoon too which will check my tubes are clear, and then we can concentrate on making me ov - not sit here panicking about ivf thanks to our gp!

    Good luck xx
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