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Private scans!

Hello Ladies, just wondering if anybody will be having a private scan? I had one last wednesday at 17 weeks to find out what I was havingimageit was a boy, which I thought, just nervous now though because I dont know even how to play boy things!my dog is even a boy! they also included some 4d images which was fantastic!some people do 4d scans later on in pregnancy, just curious what you ladies might do!


  • Hi I also had a 4d private scan, I had mine at 16 wks as I was so excited to find out the sex! And it is 100% a boy! It's so nice being able to shop when you know your baby's gender, I'm not a fan of beige and yellow! Where did you have your scan?
  • Hello Alex, I was the same as you, could not wait to find out the sex, I had mine at 17 weeks just because I couldn't get there ant sooner. I had mine at Kiddicare in Perterborough, it was through Babybond and because I just had a gender scan they do the 4d scan pictures as a treat because just a 4d baby is still really small and better pictures later in pregnancy!it was a bargain at £79. have you thought of any names, we are going with Oscar unless any other name jumps out at us and have you started you nursery? whens your due date?

  • Oh ladies yous are making me all xcited!. I dnt thnk I will find out the sex but am xcited for you both and wonder what it would feel like to buy the one colour?. Not sure?. Laurelladie love the name Oscar! Its gorgeous. Still hvent decided on a girls name, 2 many to choose frm?. Boys name will be sean or finn?.
  • Congratulations ladiesimage I've not had a private scan, want to find out at my 20 week one, can't wait! Plus, I think we now have to start a new thread..

    Nic, I couldn't wait until January to know! Admire your resolveimage


  • Oh no! Now your all putting notions in my head!!
  • Hi girls, i had a private gender scan today at ABC4D in Motherwell, couldnt wait for 20 week scan, the doctor was so nice, was so sure it would be a boy, but its a girl!! and she checked everything else out at the same time, such a relief everythings ok, they even gave hubby sweeties for the journey home.............

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