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Some inspiration

Hi there I'm not sure if anyone remembers me, but I was here for a long time a while ago. I just wanted to share my story to give others a little hope. After 2 Pgd cycles for chromosome problems we had no fertilisation and were advised my eggs were useless and advised we used a donor. I know this isn't for everyone but we decided that we would try our last nhs go using this route. My lovely donor was a family relative and very much like me, we got 12 eggs and 9 were good to go. 7 fertilised getting the news on the day of my dad funeral was something I'll never forget. All 7 were suitable for biopsy in the Thursday. Fridays phonecall was that we had 2 good eggs. There was 5 affected with the chromosome problem. ET was a nightmare with a cervix like spaghetti junction and we were advised that one was approaching blast and the other was behind. We agreed that we had what we had and had to be positive that we got this far as previously it ended day after egg collection. Fast forward a week or so and today we have a bfp. It's still early days and lots can happen but we got those 2 pink lines and 1-2 weeks on the digital. It's going to be a long journey but we have got there. I've tried my best to focus on what we have not what we havent got. It isn't easy but it's saved my sanity many times. Good luck everyone. V xxx


  • I remember you from when I was lttc, I am so amazingly happy to read this post! Congratulations and enjoy every second, what a journey but it will all be worth it when you told that little bubba in your arms! I hope with all my heart you have a very happy and healthy 9 months xxx
  • Oh, Ladybird, I am so very thrilled for you and hope that everything will go well.  There's absolutely no reason why it shouldn't.  I rarely come on here these days and just popped in to write my own feel-good story, when I noticed yours.  Its really made my day xxx

  • V, wishing you a very healthy and happy nine months! This is great news image
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