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Birth Announcement: Emma Louise

Hi. My baby girl, Emma was born on Sunday 12th August at 1.45 a.m. She weighed 7lb 8oz and was a week early. She is doing really well; feeding and putting on weight well. She is a bit colicky in the evenings though image It was a long labour 27 hours and I was awake for 44 hours since waters breaking! I was fully dilated and pushed for 2 hours but had to have a c-section in the end as she was coming out face first and they were concerned her head was bulging. She is soooo worth it though! There are lots of pix on the FB group. Any more August babies to report? Lu xxxxx


  • Hi Loobylu.  congratualtions sorry to hear you had a bad labour I can sympathise as had similar problems!  Jasmine was born on Wed 22nd weighing 6lb 9 oz.  I started early hours of the Tuesday morn, went in to be induced on the the same day and labour just didn't progress past 3 cms in 38 hours although was having regular and what I thought were painful contractions.  On the wed evening they did an emergency section as the babay seemed distressed.  To make it worse I lost a lot of bloosd and had to be given 6 units throughout the night.  Bit of a trama all in all but Jasmine is worth every minute of it, although she will prob be an only child ha ha xxx  How are you recovering from your section?

    Hiope to hear more birth announcements xxxx

  • Hi Guys,

    Congratulations!!  I've just popped on to check in, after a long absence!

    Poppy, I might be remembering wrong, but didn't you get your BFP the day after mine?  Because Jasmine was born the day after I had my beautiful girl too!!

    Tuesday 21st August (9 days late, the little madam!) at 10.12pm, Sorrel Connie came into the world weighing 7lb 14oz.  In labour for 19 hours, which sounds like I got off lightly!  7 hours of which was very painful contractions every 1-2 minutes, but not achieving much, so had artificial membrane rupture and oxytocin drip.  Fortunately I was allowed an epidural after that, as the pain got even worse!  Had to have a forceps delivery eventually, as she was a bit stuck, but with the epidural, I didn't feel it and I was just relieved to be getting her out!  I was convinced I was having a boy, so couldn't believe it when they told me she was a girl.  Secretly hoped for a girl, so was overjoyed!

    I'm loving breast feeding - after struggling for the first week, its all falling into place now.  I'm following my instincts and taking all advice with a pinch of salt!  It seems to be working, as she's starting to sleep well and is now 5oz over her birth weight.  I just hope it continues!

    I'll try checking back in soon to see if we have any more announcements xx 

  • Fantastic - three lovely girls. Congratulations to both of you. Love the names. Sorry you had to have emergency c sec too Poppy, I think Emma will be an only chid too!! Lovely to hear from you Windy Miller. I bet it was agony going 9 days over. Emma was a week early and we were not ready!! We've got the hang of breastfeeding too now. Colic has reduced, but now she has relax who's horrid. Lu x
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