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feeling abit rubbish, how is everyone?

went to get my bloods taken yesterday, and when i was there they said we got flu jabs in this morning we'll just give you one, great! so i now have a dead arm in two places, i bruise pretty easily, and said dead arm has kept me up most of night, so tired and grumpy is on my my list of ailments today, i would like to have a snooze and wake up in april! on the plus side only 2 more days of work then i'm off for ten days, woohoo! how is everyone else doing? x


  • Feelin a million dollars after my scan! It's a relief to know its all worth it. I'm not good with jabs and bloods either so I'm with you on that, though actually noone has mentioned the flu jab over here so not sure they offer it? Are you doing anything nice with your time off (besides resting!!)? Xx
  • thats great, glad your scan went well, dont have my appointment yet but i'm only 10 weeks so another couple of weeks yet,

    nothing to exciting, just a few little day trips with my little man, prob be mostly indoor stuff as the weather is terrible, so far soft play and swimming are on the agenda x

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