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Had my scan today..

.. and all is well but I am very confused by the dates they have given me. They have said that I am 13+3 rather than 12+1 which puts me due on 26th March instead of 4th April. I don't understand how that can be right when I know exactly when I conceived etc. All a bit weird but not much I can do and as long as the little one is ok, I am happy with that! I will stick with you April girls if that is ok as I have a feeling it will be April anyway!


  • That does seem a long way to move forward but like you say, so long as baby is ok that's all that matters! And im glad you're not leaving us! How good is it to see baby?! Xx
  • It's lovely isn't it. It's now only 6.5 weeks til my 20 week scan!!
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