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What a sh*tty day!

I've had the sh*ttest day ever. I'm so ridiculously fed up and I feel like the most horrible, evil mum in the whole entire world.

DD has been such a pain in the bum today, I don't know what's got into her. She's usually pretty angelic with a bit of attitude thrown in, but today she has literally been Todzilla. She hasn't listened to a word I've said the entire day, and that is no exaggeration, and I've been pretty tired and fed up so have been quite snappy with her too, (hence the guilt) and all I've had back is tantrums, huffing and puffing, screaming when she doesn't get her way and just general bad behaviour and I'm so sick of it. I've been so close to strangling her today, and I know I'll probably be frowned at for saying that but I just feel so close to breaking down I don't really know what to do! She's really worn me down today, and I hate the fact that she might be like this when the baba arrives and I really don't know how I'm going to cope if she's like that.

I guess I'm just hoping I'm not the only one who feels like this at times? The hormones seem to be making my moods like a rollercoaster and I find it so hard to keep up.

Sorry for the essay ladies. Just needed to vent, and would rather it was on here than resulting in a smacked bum for DD xx


  • You're not an evil mum! Im due in April too, this is my first so I don't have todzilla yet! But I can totally relate to the moody hormonal abnormal monster that snaps out of me when I'm worn down....usually in poor husbands direction!

    Don't beat yourself up! You can't be supermum all the time image
  • Big Hugs, I have a toddler too and it is exhausting! I am also crazy with hormones at the moment and feel so short tempered with him and then beat myself up because I should be really enjoying the time that we have together just the two of us before another one arrives.  It is hard though and we all have bad days, fingers crossed she has a better day tomorrow x

  • I feel your pain. We are in potty training / toddler tantrum hell at the moment and i hate to think what it will be like when no.2 arrives in Mar/Apr (who knows which!). Luckily, DS is a good sleeper and is in bed asleep by 1915 most nights so I try and use that as my time to potter and relax and get an early nighty if necessary. Its not easy though, but tomorrow is another day and she may revert to an angel again. Fingers crossed.

  • me to I have a 4 year old a two year old and a 32 year old husband who have drove me crazy today wanted to strangle them all especially hubby xxx
  • We all have those days hun, don't be too hard on yourself. I'm finding as I'm comin out of the sickness/tiredness phase I'm getting more patience back and it definitely makes it easier to deal with. Mostly she's fab, and now we've told her about baby she keeps kissing my tummy and saying 'hello baby sister' (wonder if she's right?!)! Xx
  • When I was pregnant with no 2 my hubby came home one eve to find my daughter sat in her high chair and me sat in the floor crying.

    I had been trying to give her dinner and she was refusing to eat and throwing it on the floor. Eventually I just lost it, shouted at her and collapsed to the floor in tears. No harm was done but it was a really horrible experience. In hindsight though it made me really glad as I suddenly understood how a normally, normal, kind mother could lose it and hurt her child. I was so glad that I hadn't done anything to harm my little girl. I made sure that I filled my time with even more playgroups and things over the next few weeks so I felt a bit more supported. It didn't last long if that helps.

    Hope you're feeling your usual fantastic fun self soon
  • Thanks guys! I had a bit of a better day yesterday. Was feeling less hormonal and my OH was around to help out which was an amazing weight off my mind, so that helped to calm me down. Today I've been at work all day so have had some time away from her, which is sometimes heavenly when I'm feeling low.

    Anywho, thanks again for all the love girlies, much appreciated! xx

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