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Are we having a Facebook group?

Just wondered or is it still too soon.


  • Probably wait until everyone has had their 12 week scans. There might be a few newbies joining aswell if they wanted to wait until 12 weeks. I know FB would be easier for me. So much easier to post and post pics x
  • Yeah me too. I'm still in one from the birth of my son in April 2011. Loved my Facebook group when I was doing the night feeds.
  • Loved my fb group from May 2010, sounds like a plan but yep when 12 weeks scans are done, I have mine tomorrow, eeeeek!


  • Still with my June 2010 FB group and I love it. Ooh, exciting miniday-what time is it? X
  • id love to join a Facebook group too but after my twelve week scan x please can i request that its a private group though as want to keep pregnancy quiet apart from close family and friends until sixteen weeks if possible as Im starting a new job x
  • Private closed group all the way.
  • Yep will join private group x
  • Yes happy to join a private group after 12 week scan x
  • Not till 4.30! Ages away!!! Should be 13+1, have been listening in on the doppler for the last few weeks so really hoping all is well.  After a mmc I honestly never thought I would get here! I'm sure you all know what I mean!!

  • fingers and toes crossed mini day, Im in the same position as i had a mmc at my last twelve week scan too. mw says that is actually very rare to happen and my Miriam stoppard book says after 13 weeks there is only a 3% chance of mc x
  • I'd join a closed group too. x

  • Yep happy with a closed FB group after 12 wk scan (I'm slightly panicking as I don't feel pg anymore and waistline doesn't seem to be expanding).

    I love my June 2010 FB group so happy with another xx 

  • Have you contacted scan dept yet to find out ur scan date pinklullaby? X
  • No I'm still bloody waiting. When I went for booking in appt last week midwife said if it wasn't here by middle of this week to contact her and she'd chase it up. I was away with work from Sun pm until late last night so was expecting it to be here when I got home but no such luck! If it doesn't come in today's post (usually around 2pm) I'll call her this afternoon!


  • If it does come, I would call scan dept and avoid the middle man. If u don't have the number, does your hospital have a epu? If so, call them and say you need to speak to scan dept as still waitin for a date. That's what I did anyway. X
  • Well it hasn't come today so I called antenatal appts line at the hospital as you suggested superking and they said "oh you've got plenty of time, call Fri pm if you have nothing by then". I'm 10 & 2, a scan at 12 wks doesn't feel that long away to me? Grrrr, don't these people understand you need to get clearance from bloody work?!

  • Surely if u have an apt it would be in the system and they could have told you (if you get ur letter between now and friday). On Friday call again and say you are anxious and you want to know ur scan date. Don't take know for an answer :/)
  • I'd like to join private FB group after 12 weeks too!
  • Me too. As this is my first baby I'd like some support from other mummy folk! Havent got a clue what to expect! xx

  • Shall we get this started ladies? There are a few of us past the 12 week scan now. X
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