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Does anyone else have a doppler?

Hi, I bought an angel sounds fetal doppler from eBay about a week ago and I've fallen in love with it! Best twenty pounds I've ever spent and so reassuring! Anyone else have one? I'm getting slightly addicted though! I could sit and listen to it for hours image x


  • I have a Doppler, not sure of brand though. I've had a poorly stomach these last few days so checking in everyday with baby. Only takes me 10 secs to find the hb and as soon as I have found it I stop.

    Don't know what the risks are of listening everyday and for how long. Anyone know? X
  • There's risks? I didn't realise that :/ x
  • There are no known risks some midwives suggest not you use because of the undue worry Italy cause if you can't find the heartbeat and also it's not always easy to identify it correctly. Have a look at this ...

    I have the angel sounds one too. I found our baby's heartbeat at 10 weeks and 2 days and have been listening to it once a week since (Sunday is bump photo and heartbeat day in our house!) I have listened to it on a couple of other occasions too, for example I let my mum hear it two days before our 12 week scan,y hubby works away in Spain too so he's had a listen when he's arrived home midweek and hasn't heard it for a while and I've just listend now, had 4 days free of nausea, hubby's away, I'm home alone ... Listening to the heartbeat and talking to my tummy (maybe a sign of insanity to some but not pregnant ladies!)

    I only listen for approx two/three mins.

    It was also very reassuring when I went to my consultants appointment past week and the student doctor couldn't find the heartbeat and was starting to panic. I calmly told her she has in the wrong area, pointed to where she'd find it and low and behold ...

  • Oh brilliant! I was slightly worried there image yes I only listen for a few minutes tops its just so reasurring when I have no other symtoms and have had two previous miscarriages in the last year image

    Took me a short while to identify to you find a lot of other beats image but when you fall on the babys there's no mistaking it image sounds like a fast galloping horse image have found the heartbeats moved up slightly in the last week or so after being in the same place for a while xx
  • My DD always asks says listen to baby's heartbeat. Shes only 2 bless her.  She wonders off downstairs when I start but it gives me an excuse to listen to it image

  • I've shown my son image think it makes the experience more real for them to image he was trying to feel for it kicking haha ha to explain he/she will get much bigger image x
  • I have luckily borrowed one from a friend, try not to listen too much (maybe once a week) but this last week was a year since we lost our little boy so I have listened a bit more for reassurance. It's lovely, will never tire of hearing it! My 2 year old also loves to listen to her 'baby brother' on mummy's tummy telephone!!! x
  • Sorry to hear that wilma image

    I agree though, it's a sound you never tire of image brilliant for kids to, makes them feel more involved than just knowing x
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