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Baby Names....

Hi ladies,

Just wondered if you had all decided on your baby names yet?
I think we'll be going for Evie if its a girl but I've got a long list of potential boys names - Leo, Mason, Callum, Conner, Lucas, Dylan, Morgan and Ethan.

Which ones from my boys list do you prefer? We're keeping our baby names a surprise from family and friends so it'll be nice to know your opinions image x


  • well even  though he is still inside me he is called Oscar,we cant settle on anything else!I nickname was Tarquin for a long time,but now he is so active and we are connected he is Oscar! love Theo,  from your list I would go with Leo! and girls, Harriett, dont know how you can wait to find out until birthfor what your having!

  • Hi ladies!

    Mrsb2008, my first child is called Ethan so of course im biased and think that its the nicest. Lucas is also nice though! My Daughter is Ava so i like Evie as its similar!

    Im 22weeks this week. Have 2 girls names picked. Boys names, not so sure!! still deciding. Looking forward to seeing what the baby looks like before completely deciding.

    laurelladie, Oscar is lovely!. I def wont be finding out the sex as i love the element of surprise!

    Choosing names is the main thng on my mind at the minute!

  • We are finding names difficult. We like Freddie for a boy but not sure for a girl; only things we agree on are Lois and Paige but I'm not overly keen on either. I can't wait for January to find out whether its a girl or a boy! X
  • Baby_bear Freddie is a great name, my husband has a little cousin called that with Jack as his middle name, and your girls names are lovely but uf your not keen something else will come along, if I was having a girl it was either Harriett or Amelia!You'll work something outimage

  • It's so hard to think of names. We like Freddie Oliver or Freddie Rhys. I like Freddie Hartley but hubby isn't so sure. Think it's more the principle as it was one of my grandads names.

    Part if me would love to know whether the baby is a girl or boy but its not long now until we meet him or her.
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