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stress delaying your period


I do have polysistic overies, but I have not come on for 3 months now which is not like me my cycle usually ranges from 49-55 days, I have done 3 pregnancy tests and they all been negative. However my dad has fallen ill which has put me under alot of stress and worry, could this be the caurse of it? has anyone else experienced it?

please help x


  • Hi hun,

    My cycles used to be a nightmare too. They would range from 28 to 50 days sometimes. The fact that i never knew when it was going to happen apart from a cronic headache the day before, would stress me out even more and delay them, i would say that stress especially if your really worried can definately cause a lot of strange things to happen to you and delayed periods are common. I had kidney stones this year and because my body was under soo much stress i completely missed a month. You could always do a test just so you know a bit more about if your body is telling you to rest more.

  • AWWW thank u for the reply, I'm just constantly thinking now WHAT IF I NEVER COME ON AGAIN!!!! image IT'S SUCH A HORRID FEELING! It has been 3 months now and still no real sign ! the doctors just say , it's coz of my pos and I have to wait, which is easier said than done.... I just don't no when I am ovulating so cant judge when to try x 

  • Well you havn't got a chance if your stressed and not taking time to relax, even the thought of having sex just for babies is stressful. Best to take a break sometime and not make it about babies. The right time will be the right time. Easier said than done though no doubt.x

  • Yea very easier said than done lol, we not had normal sex for ages it is all about trying and yes it has become stressful. Can you still ovulate if you don't have a period?

  • Not only stress but hormonal changes and some kind of diseases may be the reason of delay so you may also consult here good luck!

  • Mnatty - yes you can still ovulate without a period.  Hope things get better for you soon xxx

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