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Trying to conceive after stopping mini pill cerezette


I am new on here. Hope you are all well.

I was on cerezette for just over 3 years, i've not had periods but would get odd bit here and there after missing some pills, but nothing proper. My husband and I decided to try for our 3rd baby, I have never tried to conceive after being on this pill, I have always been on combined pill. I came off cerezette in september 2012, My first period came start of october, all was well and normal, finshed 7 days later as I normally would, then 29 days later my next period came, this lasted 7 days, looked to have stopped then later that day started again however it was dark brown/black blood and has not stopped, Its heavy and becoming a real pain as I should be trying and cant due to this. I have now been bleeding for 3 weeks and it doesn't seem to be ending any time soon. I went docs who said "its a blip" not very helpful!

Has anyone been through this? How long did it last?

Please help.


  • Hello!!!! I was on cerezette for almost 3 years and conceived about 2 days after stopping it, no issues at all, I know someone else who conceived while taking it lol
  • So there is hope image i'm still bleeding... its getting heavy rather than lighter and stopping image  I am trying to stay positive but cant help feeling rather down lately. Just wish it would stop.

    Thanks for writing back, know you and a friend managed it, helps keep me positive image xx

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