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Is this actually happening?!!

Wanted to join a friendly looking forum as my hind waters I think broke at 5am this morning but as of yet (12 hours later) i have had no contractions.  Was asked to go into hospital to be monitored but they naturally sent me home as nothing else is happening image Really hoping we can get things moving as im booked in for induction on Friday morning and would love to do this naturally if i can!  Anybody else experienced the same thing?


  • Hey, sounds like things are happening! My hind waters went at 2am and I had her 5:40pm the same day, although I was already in the hospital when it happened! Think they give you 24hrs? What I did was to stay mobile and active, walking lots, walking up and down the maternity block stairs lol, walk them sideways like a crab, helps to open everything up! Although be careful not to fall! Bounce on a ball? Stand and sway, anything really that keeps you moving image

    Best of luck and I hope you go into labour naturally xxx
  • thank you so much for your advice - ill get bouncing and walking sideways!  things have started to move a bit, having contractions now but not regular at all, hopefully today things will get cracking.  its crazy to think that in a few days time there will be a new little person here with us at home! (fingers firmly crossed).  hope you and baby are OK and home - congratulations!

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