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Wish we held off on facebook group

As title says, I love coming on this site and think it is so quiet since we have all migrated over to facebook group. This is a shame as I used this site up to and after my dd was born, only then did we set up a fb group and that worked really well. Anyway just wanted to moan abit.x



  • I am not on fb and found this site amazing when pg with ds2 4yrs ago. But with fb groups now during Ds3 pg it was a very lonely place to be. image Ds3 is 10w now. X
  • I still use both but it is quiet on here....but I think there are actually only 4 ish people who are due in June and not on the fb group, so maybe its just a quiet month?

    I was thinking its quiet on here, but with my dd we set up the fb group at same time and both was used right until baby was 6 months ish.

    All the babies are due march April what with the 50 shades books lol
  • P.s I don't think the fb group is that busy either, compared to my dd pg......we had 30+ members!
  • I agree it is very quiet on here since the Facebook group. I don't use Facebook and find that this is by far the quietest groups of all my due in forums that I have been part of. Maybe it will pick up as we get further along.

    Hope all had nice Xmas
  • How can we bring life back to the group? image

    As I say I think there are only about 20 max due in June. Remember we lost a few members early on sadly.

  • Well maybe double post on fb and here, it isnt only group members that comment on things here, sometimes if the post is shown on the main page any one will respond to it.x

  • That's true apricot, I forget its not just June mums lol

    Yeah duplicated post would be good.

    This topic seems to have had more interest than any other for a while even my "how is everyone?" Topic didn't get many replies just before Christmas! image

  • I didn't join FB group as BabyExpert was my lifeline during my previous pregnancies (particularly after my MC's) will join after June as didnwith my previous group but do feel the site in general is allot quieter than before. Mind you I don et on here as much as 1st time round maybe because there's quite a few of us busy with other kiddiwinks we dont get time to come on!!
  • Oh yeah I agree dangermouse there isn't so much turn over now a days in general. Will be nice to have you as part of the fb group if you decide to join in June image

  • What is the facebook group called? Im new here and its ever so quiet image
  • Hey kymbo. Welcome!

    It's a totally secret group so you wouldn't be able to search for it I'm afraid. If you'd like adding then let me know your name so I can add you as a friend then add you to the group, its the only way to do it in afraid.

    It's not much busier on the fb page to be honest as there aren't many of us due in June it seems image

  • plse could you add me to the due in juje fb group - noshin mehmood

  • Certainly. What's your profile pic like....there are two of you image x
  • I do love our fb group but I also love coming on here to catch up on other things and just have s noseimage

    Sometimes I find posts from years ago have become current again but for no reason......odd.

    I don't think there are many due in June generally.....April+May are mega busy.

    50 SOG.......still haven't read it!!
  • hi baby boom it's a wedding picture of me and mu hubby's I wearing red..

  • Do you mean April/May this year sandybaby? It does seem people are talking of that book an awful long time. I haven't read it either and dont intend to, I like Marian Keyes books so will stick to that.x

  • 50 SOG is the worst book I have ever read! Truly terrible!

    Xx !
  • Yes sorry, due in April and may.....a mass baby boom, all down to a book with repetitive sex, and no back round story.....that what my sister said!!

    Wait til the film comes out, be another boom lol

    Oh I love a Jackie Collins novel.....full of smut :-O I also like a cook crime book aswel.
  • Simi - I've requested you. Then I can add you to the group.

    Yeah I agree April/ may seem to have had the baby boom....leaving June quiet image

    I was an April to be but left early with mc.....I love June image

    I haven't read the book yet....bought first two but didn't really grab me tbh in first chapter so not finished it.

  • I meant a good crime book!! My fone really does annoy me at times.
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