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To clomid or not to clomid- that is the question!

Please if anyone can help that would be great!

We have our 3 month follow up at clinic mid Jan when we will have been ttc for 1 year and 7 months. The next suggestion is IUI in June.

Well the nurse did mention Clomid she said they could write a prescription but to weigh things up. I have regular cycles like clockwork and internal ultrasound and bloodwork suggests that I ov. I can feel it too. Hubby has had 3 SA's one of which was on the low side but they are not concerned. So now we are in the 'unexplained' category.

I have read so much, the side effects and the success stories and the risk of multiples.

I guess my worry is messing up my cycle? is is mad to play with that when I at least know when we have chance and can bd at 'right' time (even though its not working!) or if I have this chance with meds is it silly to not take it as the next steps are more invasive and emotional?

Really in two minds

Jo x


  • Hi Jo. Your story is very similar to mine. In my mind there was no question we were going to try clomid before IUI. So glad we did. The little girl in my profile picture is my clomid miracle. We used 50mg on cycle days 1-5 and conceived on the 2nd month. The side effects were not as bad as I had read. My temper was a little shorter and I was warmer then usual but to be honest I get like that before .AF is due anyway. Clomid didn't mess with my cycle hugely just took me from a 32 day one to 28 days. I wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide.

    Torch x
  • Thank you for your reply torch I guess you just heard so many horror stories and some clinics don't prescribe if you already ovulate. I wouldn't want them to keep upping the dose. Just wanna see if a little would help. If you don't mind me asking where you trying for long? It's gutting every month that af turns up. We have tried vitamins, preseed and soft cups absolutely nothing! Will ask consultant for prescription in jan I think.

    Glad you got your little one image

    Jo x
  • Hi Jo,

    I started my first dose today of Clomid 50mg. I ovulate every cycle and my cycles are regular. Its very disheartening to get that BFN every cycle. Our specialist suggested that this could give us an extra advantage.

    Tell me did you go ahead and start taking the Clomid. As I was in two minds about taking it as I had no trouble ovulating.

    Hope you're wellimage

  • Hi Joey

    After over 18 months of trying everything ( pre-seed, conceive plus, soft cups the list goes on) we were unexplained too. My bloods were normal, I oved regularly, DH's analysis came back as good. Nothing found whatsoever so they gave us (well, me) clomid. I conceived on month 3 of taking it. We only DTD twice that cycle and I was sure we'd missed it too x

  • Hey grrr wrote a long reply and wasnt signed in! Hi everyone congrats to the clomid mums I bet those bumps were even more special! I think you have swayed me gonna call the hospital and get the prescription asap. How are you doing Ge1shaGirl? 

    Thanks for the replies


  • well I have picked up the presciption and will be starting clomid on my next cycle, am I right in thinking that you take it cycle day 2-6? I have to call when my period starts as they are going to scan me which is a relief xx

  • Hi all,


    New to the whole posting thing but have been reading forums for the past 8 months while we've been ttc. Went to see gynae originally because I have really irregular periods (40 - 60 days approx.). Since then been haing monitored cycles and timing things around that, but still nothing image They've bene suggesting clomid to me for a few months now but I'm really worried about all the side effects. Plus it thins your lining and I think that is one of m problems too. But my GP, gynae and 2 specialists have all said to take it. Went to get the prescription today and see he's also put cyclogest on there, presumably to thicken m lining and keepit thick, but the side effects scare the living hell out of me. I really don'tknow what to do, just keep bursting into tears. Am scheduled to start clomid tomorrow (day 5 of cycle) but really don't think I can do it. I'm too scared. But with such irregular ccles we only have half the number of chances to conceive inthe first place... so confused and worried. What should I do??

  • hey ladies!

    seen this post and thaught id comment not sure if itl help or not, iv just finnished my first round of clomid yesterday (day 2-7) i was put on it after nearly 2 years ttc, i have a son who is nearly 5 but i havent ov on my own since i had him, i have a blocked tube (doagnosed though laparoscopy) and partner has lower than average sperm count but nothing too major, i had to fight for months to be put on clomid, the sidd affects werent as bad as i thought, i was a little warmer at bedtime than usual, little bit more short tempered and got really bad cramp day 4 of taking it but all of these could have been just down to my period ?? 


    hoping it works as only other option is ivf which atm cant afford to take that risk as with anythonf theres no garentees x 


    good luck ladies hope you all get ur positive tests soon!x

  • Hey Kellx,


    Thanks for sharing. That's good to hear that the side effects weren't so bad. Can't believe they didn't offer it to you sooner than 2 years image Fingers crossed for you that it does the job and helps you ov again. Let us know how you get on x

  • rach the side effect i would say arent any worse than pmt you wouldnt notice the dofference x you could always take it for the first day and see how u feel and if its bad you can stop ... i done alot of research on it before i took it as i was also ry scared alot of women took it at night to sleep through side effects but i took them at 11 each morning and was fine x

    completly understand the emotional side of things its so frustrating, i too have long but irregular cycles which drives me as as before i had the surgery mu periods wer like clockwork so feel it.made my situation worse than before! hoping the clomid helps to regulate my period atleast and hopefully start ovulating again x have no idea when to even check for ovulation bevause of how irregular i am!

    il keep you updated x if you want to chat or anything just mesg me xx
  • Hey Kell,

    How are you? How did you get on with the clomid? Has it regulated you? So since back in Feb when I chickened out of taking Clomid that time, I had a 65 day cycle! Whata waste of 2 months... image So I bit the bullet this cycle and took the clomid days 5-9. I think you saying you were ok on them gave me the courage. Thanks! So now I'm 3dpo and just waiting... But he wants me to take Cyclogest and I'm so scared of all the side effects! Even worse than what you hear about clomid... Did you get prescribed cyclogest? x

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