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Morning sickness: when to talk to the doctor?


I've only thrown up a few times so far but if this pregnancy follows the same pattern as the one with dd (it is so far) then I'm likely to be vomiting 10+ times a day. I lost a stone or so in the first trimester with dd (but I do have plenty of weight to spare).

I just battled through it last time because I was in a new job and moving house, and was just trying to ignore being pregnant to preserve my sanity but I can't handle doing that again, especially since I'm now running round after a toddler. How often do you have to vomit before it's classed as hyperemesis or you need to seek medical help?

Beckyboo x


  • its when you cant keep anything down food or liquid hun. but seing as you have a toddler they might be able to give you something, it wont hurt to speek with a doctor over the phone hun x

  • I'll see how I go for the next few days. I'm dreading the next few weeks! We're going to Disney Paris soon and are driving, that could be interesting image

  • I saw the doctor in my last pregnancy (I would probably vom about 8 times a day, but tbh I was seeing them more because it was getting me down/exhausting rather than worried about being defficient in nutrients etc... ) Despite my being very sick I would not bring up everythig that I ate and drank, just some.

    The doctor told me I should not be concerned as clearly was not dehydrated as I was crying tears (yeah, thanks for the comapssion doc!) ... but did prescribe me some tablets which did nothing for me at all.

    It does seem tougher this time with trying to look after a little one, you are right there. For me I am resigned to the fact that nothing is going to stop me feeling this awful and I just have to wait for it to go. My sickness started on exactly 6 weeks to the day last time and this time too, so I am hopeful it will be gone at 14 weeks as it was last time too.

    I would say if you feel like your struggling you may as well see the doctor, what's the worst that can happen?

    Thinking of you xxxxxx pregnancy sickness is the worst thing I have ever ever ever had to go through. Some people cringe at labouring a baby but I would give birth every day for 9 months over this debilitating sickness. It sucks!!


  • bless you Jazzy2 i had severe sickness in my first two pregnancys which both ended in mc, then my son nothing, the odd bit of nausea maybe, and this one is the same as my son so this looks like we may be carrying another boy image

    Have you tried sea sickness bands, they always work for me, and boiled sweets constantly works too. I hated sickness but not sure if i would trade it for labour, i will have to let you know on that one lol x

  • Thanks for the advice ladies. The sickness got really bad on Monday and I left work, and have been off since. The doctor has prescribed me with Buccastem, a tablet you hold under your gum, which has helped a little. I'm not being nearly as sick as I was last time (2-3 times a day maybe) but the nausea is just all-consuming and so debilitating. That said, I don't think sickness had kicked in properly last time by this point.

    As I would normally be working today I had childcare but I'm dreading Thursday and Friday trying to take care of J.

    I do feel a lot better for the rest, though.

  • Oh big big hugs..... I hate saying it buty I dread time one one one with DD too... I feel like such a mean Mummy not getting stuck in and playing with her, but she is a total ball of energy and I am the polar opposite.

    Glad the tabs are doing something for you!

    How long were you sick last time (not the whole way thru?? ) .... I think you have just got to take it a day at a time, that is all you can do. And dont worry about doing anything that really doesnt need it, I have given up on keeping a tidy house for now, a but of mess never killed anyone!


  • Sick until about 13 weeks. I'm learning to get used to it now. Only 6 weeks of constant nausea and frequent vomiting to go. The thing that really sucks is that since its first trimester and were not public, i have very few people to whine to x
  • You can moan to us as much as you like. Xxxx
  • moan away hun thats what we are here for. im glad i dont have sickness this time round. but I have been there so i know how it feels :-\ big hugs x

  • I can totally sympathise I am 9 weeks 5 days and really struggling. Doc gave me cyclizine but all it has done is tire me out and make me dizzy. Got so bad that I'm signed off work .... Fingers crossed it doesn't last long for any of us x
  • Hey girls, hope you're feeling better? Beckyboo, have you been on your trip yet? How was it?

    I've been having pretty bad sickness for the past couple of weeks, been signed off work too. Nauseous all day and vomiting 4-5 times per day - I know there are women out there who probably have it worse, but it was getting me soo down. Feel horrible.. So GP prescribed cyclizine. However, hubby (who's a GP himself), didn't want me to take them, instead he wanted me to take Avomine (containing promethazine theoclate- which has more research proving its safety in pregnancy. So he got me that, and I took it yesterday night (you just need to take 1 at night).. And guess what?? It's worked wonders for me!! I've had a good day, no vomiting.. A little bit of nausea, but hardly anything. I managed to eat more and even cook (something I haven't done in weeks!!).

    I'm not planning to be on it for long. Maybe 4 days.. Then I'll take a break and see how I feel.

    So.. If you girls are having a very tough time and would like something to help you cope- Avomine is something you can look into.

  • Wow that sounds good Tinkerbell! I am 10 and 6 today and was over my sickness at 14 last time so think I am going to try and push on through.... have booked a few days annual leave from work just so I get a bit of rest time next week and then the week after is short with Easter so am hoping that will make the home straight a bit more manageable.

    Hope you keep on feeling better!


  • Thanks Jazzy! Hope you can make the most of your annual leave, get as much rest as poss.

    I'm loving being able to enjoy the things I used to love eating and drinking before sickness started!! Dreading coming off the tablets now! (only planned to take them 4 days, today is my second day...)
  • Thanks for the Avomine tip Tinkerbell.

    I work 3 days a week and took 2.5 days off last week. I've worked 2.5 days this week and came home this lunchtime as I was being so sick at work. I am throwing up 5 or 6 times a day and totally emptying my stomach. In total I've had 3 periods of absence in the past month: 1 full day, 2.5 days, and 0.5 days. Otherwise, I think I've had 2 days off in 12 months. Anyone in HR know if I can expect to get my knuckles rapped?!

    It's horrible trying to drag myself through work as I don't want too many people to know I'm pregnant (my boss does) and I don't know how understanding they're going to be.

    I work in an office environment and the toilets are shared between male and female staff and students (it's a University) and it's really horrible getting down on my hands and knees in a dirty bathroom. I threw up standing up yesterday and the strain on my muscles made my head ache and nose bleed! I've had no risk assessment done and as my immediate line manager was out of the office this week I had no opportunity for a back to work meeting to talk about why I was off sick.

  • Tinkerbell, not been on my trip yet. It's a couple of weeks ago and I'm just hoping I can be on top of the sickness by then. I don't think it will have gone but if I'm at least used to dealing with it, it might. Perhaps I'll ask for this magical Avomine to take while I'm away!

  • If illness is pregnancy related they can't say anything. I have been off on 2 occassions due to vomiting and work have been ok with me. I work in a college and we also have to share with students. Its awful knowing they can hear you being sick. There was a display from the health and social care dept on eating disorders so i'm convinced half the students think i'm bulimic.
  • just a quick tip for those who still have sickness. look for nux vom tabs in boots they work wonders x

  • I found for those of you that are struggling work wise the pregnancy sickness support website gives a lot of info for employees and employers that can be printed off. Hope that helps x
  • Hi ladies,

    im glad I found this forum, and to know I'm not alone! I feel so so I'll and its really getting me depressed I have been in bed for over 2 days and havn't eaten either, I can't keep any thing down, I am taking buccastem but still seem to be being sick, I can't cop with this, I'm only nearly 7 weeks image

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